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Our Policy

In order to align with our Animal Welfare Policy and provide socially responsible travel experiences, we do have a well-researched list of tourism products involving animals that we do not support. We repeat, DO NOT support.

Instead, we suggest and support alternative experiences that protect the animals that roam the world, while also giving our travellers the opportunity to watch and work with these incredible animals in safe and sanctioned environments. We want to help protect animals from exploitation, neglect and cruelty, we expect our suppliers to share these sentiments and we really hope our customers agree too.

What we don't support

• Dolphins and whales in captivity
• Running with the bulls
• People holding animals in our literature or animals used for entertainment purposes
• Physical interaction with captive hazardous animals e.g. big cats etc.
• Elephant riding, polo or performances
• Crocodile and snake farms
• Ostrich riding
• Chumming/baiting of sharks for shark diving
• Game farms for the purpose of hunting
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What we do support

• Swimming with wild whale/dolphin & whale sharks with approved companies
• Conservation projects, sanctuaries and zoos operating according to Animal Welfare guidelines
• The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai
• Tiger Trail Conservation in Malaysia
• The Wildlife Warrior Programme in South Africa
• Volunteering with turtles in Costa Rica
• Working with orangutans in Borneo
• Plus heaps more
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STA Travel are dedicated to setting an industry-wide benchmark for maintaining the wellbeing and protection of animals, and we’re constantly working to improve our policy to ensure the safety of animals as well as our customers’ enjoyment. Together we are committed to improving animal welfare across all of our operations.

Read our full Animal Welfare Policy here.