Pack up and OE off!

Just you and the world - any way you want it!

We are proud to boast we're OE experts and have been helping thousands of Kiwi's head off on their rite of passage overseas for years.  So if you're looking to head to the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin or North America we can hook you up with a huge range of working holiday, volunteer, study and travel options - plus of course the flight to get you there!  Get ready for the ultimate overseas experience...


OE to Africa

Although not thought of as a typical OE destination, Africa has plenty of unique experiences to offer. With lots of volunteering and touring options to choose from, you'll be kept busy for months! Check out the OE options


OE to Asia

Soak up the rich vibrant cultures of Asia by working, studying, volunteering or travelling around on your OE. We have several programmes and lots of advice to help you organise your big trip! Check out the OE options


OE to Europe

Looking for something a little more exotic for your Big OE?  Europe has lots of opportunities to work, study, travel, learn a language and teach English as a foreign language.     Check out the OE options

Latin America

OE to Latin America

Latin America has many options for your OE - from volunteering to learning a new language or simply travelling around experiencing the contrasts of each country in Central and South America. Check out the OE options

North America

OE to North America

If you’re looking to do a short or long OE, North America is the place. From working holiday programmes to student exchanges and touring - there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out the OE options


OE to the UK

If you want to earn money to fund your travels through Europe and beyond, then a working holiday to the UK is for you. It's also a great place for student exchanges and travelling around too! Check out the OE options

Big OE Evenings

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