Not sure where to go? Our expert consultants will give you ideas & inspiration to plan the perfect short break or round the world trip of a lifetime. Feeling like you want some sun and to party in Mykonos, hiking up a rugged mountain to see the Grand Canyon, hitting the slopes and a hot cuppa on Mt Fuji, or cha-cha in Buenos Aires. Get inspired, grab your backpack, vamonos!


Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Go for the ecology - the huge mountains, the lush jungle and the exotic wildlife. Go for the food - the curries, the noodles and the local delicacies
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Welcome to Africa, where adventure lies around every corner and memories of a lifetime pop up as often as the attention seeking native monkeys. Where we all evolved from, with striking castaway beaches, wildlife, pristine outback, and location to the oldest desert on Earth.
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Old towns, deep history, breathtaking landscapes, culture, art and cuisines. What's not to love about Europe? Travel through canals, cheap pints of beer, romantic atmosphere, and jaw-dropping sights.
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Latin America

Salsa to samba, tequila to tango and everything in between - Central and South America will guarantee you a wild time, spectacular sights and exotic cuisines.
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North America

You want big bucks, big spenders, big business, big buildings, big shots, big cars & big trucks, all in one big continent? You'll find all that and more in the land of the free & milk and honey.
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Middle East

Ancient, mysterious and majestic - this is the Middle East. Where great civilisations and religions were born and raised and home to some of the world's most significant cities, the Middle East is an fascinating place to travel.
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You don't have to go too far to find paradise. Travel the South Pacific as part of an island hopping jaunt or as a stopover when crossing the Pacific. Sun yourself on the beaches of the Raro, or catch a wave on the GC.
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There are two sides of the spectrum, and extreme is how we like it. Vast continent of ice, snow, glaciers and superlatives. This is the windiest, driest, coldest continent. An alien uninhabited landscape all on this planet.
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