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The Beach

Auckland → Bali → Manila → London

This Asian pick 'n' mix will see you mastering the Bali pipeline, exploring white sand beaches, snagging night market bargains and treating your tum to exotic street stalls as you hit up Asia on your way to Europe.

Bliss out and add 7 nights in Bali (from $365) at Jayakarta Resort and Spa!

Fr $1199 Students / Under 31
Fr $1699 All Ages
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Easy Rider

Auckland → Fiji → Los Angeles (make your own way) New York → Reykjavík → London

Take a Fijian beach break, trade island time for trendy LA, then make your way to the Big Apple for martinis in Manhattan. Cool down (literally) in Iceland and end in London ready to rake in the pounds.

Get a coast to coast experience from LA to NYC over 26 days from $5885

Fr $1299 Students / Under 31
Fr $1699 All Ages

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Soul Food

Auckland → Kuala Lumpur → Hanoi (make your own way) Ho Chi Minh City → Mumbai → London

Visit KL's malls and stalls before ticking off cultural hot spots in Hanoi. Weave through 3.5 million motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City, and taste test butter chicken in Mumbai before jetting off to London.

Get on your bike! Add a 14-day cycle tour from $2499

Fr $1599 Students / Under 31
Fr $1899 All Ages
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Auckland → Guangzhou → Shanghai (make your own way) Beijing → Astana → London

Soaring city towers, the Great Wall, ancient dynasties and dumplings for as long as the eye can see; call by China on your way to London and get your fill of culture, temples and awe-inspiring history.

Get to experience China's top hubs Beijing and Shanghai, 8 days from $781

Fr $1499 Students / Under 31
Fr $1699 All Ages 

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Shall We Dance?

Auckland → Buenos Aires (make your own way) Rio de Janeiro → London

Samba through this sweet slice of South America and check out the incredible heights - not to mention the view - from the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio before touching down in London town.

Explore the cities and jungles of Argentina and Brazil on a 9-day tour from $2635!

Fr $1499 Students / Under 31
Fr $17999 All Ages
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Arabian Nights

Auckland → Dubai → Nairobi (make your own way) Zanzibar → Muscat → London

Kick off in the dazzling playground that is Dubai, then catch a camel to Kenya's capital. Sleep under the stars in the desert, swim through the Zanzibar seas and watch the sunset in Muscat.

Spot zebras before heading to Zanzibar with an 11-day tour from $2999!

Fr $2399 Students / Under 26
Fr $2599 All Ages
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