Europe internships with AIESEC

Do an international internship with AIESEC, the world's largest youth-run organisation. Take control of your own leadership development with this unique opportunity to be a global citizen, change the world, and get the experience and skills that matter today.

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Witness the great diversity in people and cultures, discover breathtaking landscapes and historical architecture during your volunteer internship in this distinct region. Be the one to bring a positive impact to the community and experience something totally different this year on the other side of the world.
What will I be doing?

Working in either Poland, Ukraine or Romania you could be doing anything from organising learning projects at local schools; teaching young professionals English and business skills; organising HIV/Aids awareness campaigns; to teaching English or helping orphans through World Without Borders. There are hundreds of internships available in Eastern Europe waiting for you to apply!

What does it include?

Before you go:
  • A buddy: an AIESEC member from the local branch who studies at the local university. This buddy is your contact for your job, your culture guide, friend and available for you if you need help. You will be able to talk to them before you arrive at your destination
  • Invitation letter for your visa
  • Preparation seminar about culture shock, emergency contacts, things to take, advice, stories from past participants and opportunity to meet others going on similar internships from your university
  • Access to conferences, leadership workshops, and skill building seminars

Upon arrival:

  • Airport pick up. Your buddy will pick you up from the airport, and take you to your accommodation
  • A welcome party with other interns and local AIESEC members from the university
  • Opportunity for city orientation
  • Access to social gatherings and events around in the city
  • Access to conferences, leadership workshops and skill building seminars around the country

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are:
- Under the age of 30
- Enrolled at a New Zealand tertiary institute (university or polytechnic), or have been enrolled at one within the last two years


$750 (not including flights and visas)

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