Japan tours

Visit the land of the rising sun

Say konnichiwa to Japan! More than just samurai and cherry blossoms, the land of the rising sun has everything from mountains, temples, history and wicked ski fields to offer. 

Why should I travel on a tour?

Travelling on a tour takes all the thinking out of travel. Skip getting lost or stuck in the wrong city with an experienced guide to make your holiday as smooth as possible. Not to mention you get to meet some epic people and sleep off that hangover in the comfort of the bus. 

Discover Japan


From $584914 days

Experience the land of contradictions featuring both skyscrapers and bullet trains, as well as serene temples and idyllic Mt Fuji. Get out of town on the famous bullet trains to uncover all that Japan has to offer. Next explore the gardens of Ryoan-ji, hike Mt Fuji, and snap a pic of the floating gates.

Japan Express

Osaka to Tokyo

From $40399 days

Hit all the hotspots in Japan in record time. Explore the geisha district of Kyoto, admire mountain ranges in Hakone, and wandering the ethereal bamboo grove of Arashiyama while you discover Japan.

Japan Unrivaled


From $611313 days

Traverse the land of sushi, samurai, and sake to discover everything from temples to geisha's and gorgeous gardens. Get the chance to see traditional rice wine being made and experience Buddhist life with a stay in a temple guesthouse.

Ancient Empires

Beijing to Tokyo

From $519918 days

Get the best of both worlds and explore everything from the great wall of China to the spectacular Mt Fuji. Spend your nights in farmhouses and your days exploring hidden treasures. Discover one of China's most exquisite gardens and wander around the Venice of the east before hopping over to Hiroshima for a different take on history. Finish everything off with a traditional Japanese meal and a soak in the hot springs.

City to Slopes

Osaka to Hakuba

From $512512 days

Get ready to hit the slopes on the only tour that combines skiing and a tour of the country. Explore countryside castles, hectic cities, and visit a shinto shrine in between hitting the ski fields.

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