Latin America visa information

We can help make your Latin America OE preparations easy with our simple table of visa information.  Latin America is a great destination to head off on your OE, whether you're looking to work, volunteer, study or just tour around - there are plenty of sights, cultures and countries to keep you busy for months. 

As a New Zealander there are several working holiday options in Latin America due to reciprocal agreements, which are an amazing way to really experience the local culture and language.  If you're wanting to do a volunteer project through STA Travel, you'll be happy to know that you don't need a working visa because as long as you're only in each country for 90 days, you can simply travel on the holiday visa rules.

Please bear in mind that visa requirements change from time to time. Make sure you obtain complete and up-to-date information before making your work or travel plans.

Your essential Latin America visa information

Working holiday

Country  Age limit  Length of visa  Restrictions  Processing time  Travel insurance 
Argentina 18-30 years Up to 12 months  Max 3 months work per employer About 1 week Compulsory 
Chile 18-30 years Up to 12 months Max 3 months work per employer. Temporary work only.  About 2 weeks  Compulsory
Uruguay 18-30 years Up to 12 months Max 3 months work per employer. Limit of 200 available each year. About 8 weeks  Compulsory 



Country  Age limit  Length of visa/travel  Restrictions  Processing time  Travel insurance 
Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela None  Up to 90 days   n/a (stamped on arrival)  Advised 
Colombia  None  Up to 180 days    n/a (stamped on arrival)   Advised 
Cuba  None  Up to 30 days (can be extended a further 30 days)    Up to 2 weeks  Advised 

Important note:
Visa information is provided as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Some countries have additional visas available. Check with the relevant embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information. Processing time is a guide only and can change depending on the time of year you apply and demand.

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