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Don't forget to pack your travel insurance

Travel insurance is probably the least exciting thing you can think of when booking your big adventure, whether you are hanging around Australia or heading on an exciting adventure overseas. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. That’s why we believe it’s worth taking out Travel Insurance with us—you can have peace of mind and just enjoy the fun stuff! STA Travel Insurance covers a range of adventure activities such as surfing, bungee jumping, skiing, white water rafting, caving, and scuba diving, plus more, in most destinations you are likely to visit.

Why travel insurance

Importance of travel insurance

Travel is unpredictable (that's why we love it), but accidents can happen. And they can happen in the strangest places at the strangest times, like on the side of a mountain in Nepal or in an Amsterdam alley at 3am. Naturally we want you to be adequately insured so that you won’t be out of pocket.
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Travel insurance policies

Book travel insurance online

STA Travel offers you excellent travel insurance, available online, at cheap prices. Check out our travel insurance options that will provide the cover you need to have a stress-free holiday!
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Travel insurance schedule of benefits

Check out our quick reference guide for comparing your travel insurance policy choices with us. Our policies have been specifically designed with our customers in mind and cover a range of activities at no extra cost! Check out the benefits available

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