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We've got the best cheap flight deals to every destination around the world, from one way flights to round the world tickets with more than 10 stops!

Check out our handy info below to help you choose the right type of airfare for your OE - cheap one way fares, student and all ages return airfares and 18 month return flights are all part of what we can offer.

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The what, when and how of getting the best flight deal can be determined by the length of time you’re planning to be away. We know that anything could happen while on your OE... like meeting the man/woman of your dreams... so flexibility (as well as getting more bang for you buck) is important.

If you’re heading off with no fixed agenda, we have options and deals to suit you including one-way tickets, around the world tickets and 18 months tickets.

Pick the right airfare type for your OE

Up to 6 months A standard return flight is the perfect airfare for most destinations if you’re planning an OE that will see you home again in under six months.  Some tickets do have restrictions on how long you can travel for, so make sure you ask your STA Travel Adviser when you book. 
6-12 months  Our exclusive STA Travel Tickets give you loads of flexibility when you’re travelling for longer than six months.  You can get the stops you want, when you want and unlimited date changes (fees may apply).  Alternatively if you are planning on being away for a year or less but fancy exploring a few countries along the way a round the world ticket is the one for you. 
12-18 months  If you’re going on your OE to work but not planning to stay the full two years, we can offer you an exclusive STA Travel ticket valid for 18 months, for only slightly more $$ than a 12 month validty ticket.  It's a bargain! 
18 months & over  Planning on stretching it out as long as possible?  A one-way ticket is what you want. STA Travel have excellent one way fares to London, discounted especially for students, youth (under 26 years), and anyone holding a Working Holiday Visa.  Please check with your STA Travel Adviser to ensure that you can fly into your Big OE destination on a one-way ticket. 

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