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Planning your Asia OE

Leaning over the great wall of china
Planning your OE is exciting, but we also know that you're itching to get going.  That's why we have put together some very handy pre-departure information just for you, including how to choose the best flight to get to your OE destination, visa requirements,and much more.  It's sure to cut down your admin time and get you on your way asap.  Happy planning!

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Visa information for Asia

Asia visas

Check out all the important information you need to know about visas for working, travelling and volunteering in Asia. Find out all the Asia visa details

Advice for your Asia OE

Asia OE hints & tips

Make sure you're well prepared for your OE to Asia.  Check out our tasty l'il hints and tips to help ensure your big trip is a complete success, whether you're working, travelling, studying or volunteering in Asia. Check out the advice for your Asia OE

Choose the best flight for your OE

OE flights

Find the best airfare to suit your overseas experience, giving you bigger bang for buck as well as added flexibility.
Find the best fare for your trip

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