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OE to the UK

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A'right Gov'ner?
If you want to earn money to fund your travels, then a Big OE in the UK is for you.  Aged between 18 and 30?  You can live, work and play in the UK for up to 2 years on a working holiday visa.  If you're looking to do something a bit different, you can also do a uni student exchange to the UK, or just do all the fun stuff and tour around for a few months!

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UK OE planning

Planning your UK OE

We've put together everything you need to help you plan your Big OE to the UK including information about getting to London, visa's, setting up a UK bank account, ISIC discount cards and the British High Commission Big OE Evenings. Read our UK OE advice

Working in the UK

UK working holiday programmes

Working in the UK is a great way to fund your travels through Europe and beyond... killing two birds with one stone! Read about the UK working programmes available

Take your study on an OE

Student exchanges in the UK

Going on a student exchange to the UK?  We've got some great deals just for you so you can save your money for more important things... like pints and mushy peas. Find out more about student exchanges in the UK

Play in the UK

UK tours, activities and accommodation

You don't have to live in the UK to make the most of exploring England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Check out the travel options available in the UK

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