Round the world essentials

Travel gear
Don't get caught out on your once-in-a-lifetime around the world adventure, get everything sorted before you leave.  Make sure you've covered all the essentials before you leave on your round the world trip like travel insurance, safe travel tips and keeping in touch with family and friends while you're away via travel blogs.

Travel insurance

Why travel insurance?

All travel is unpredictable – that’s part of why we love it, but it’s also a key reason why travel insurance is a must. Find out more about travel insurance

First timer travel tips

Get clued up before you leave

First time traveller? Here's some valuable stuff to store in your noggin before you hit the road to make sure you journey out into the world is as safe and stress-free as it can be. Find out more about first time traveller tips

Safe travel

Be smart and be a safe traveller

Be smart and be a safe traveller. Keep up to date with the latest Government information on travel warnings and precautions with our handy advice. Find out more about safe travel

Save with a discount card

ID & discount cards

If you're a student, teacher or aged under 31 years, we can sort you out with some awesome discounts. Save hundreds on stuff like airfares, accommodation, entertainment, museums, cultural venues, food, clothes, movies and more. Find out more about discount cards

STA Travel Blogs

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Airport Selection

Airport selection

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