Round the world ticket advice

Confused about what type of round the world ticket to buy?  We offer some great round the world travel tips and advice to ensure that you choose the best ticket to suit your needs.

Round the world destination Make sure you ask your travel adviser about all the options a round the world ticket gives you (ie. free stopovers). You'll be amazed at the destinations available to choose from, there is even a round the world ticket that allows you up to 16 stops over 4 continents!

A round the world airfare can take you to all the places you want to go, with the least amount of connecting flights (transits) - that's a major benefit of a round the world ticket.
Round the world exclusivity STA Travel negotiate exclusive around the world fares with many different airlines which is why we're the cheapest and best option for round the world tickets!

Depending on which airline you choose to fly with, your round the world adventure may find you travelling within a network of airlines (like One World - Qantas/British Airways) or a combination of different individual airlines. What ever you choose we can package your round the world flight together using our exclusive agreements to ensure you get the best deal.
Round the world flexibility This is one of the key benefits of a round the world ticket as you have access to a greater choice of stopovers, airlines and transit points.

A round the world airfare can sometimes also provide extended validity to your ticket on your overall journey and allow changes to be made to your itinerary where normally this would not be possible. We know that even the best-laid plans often change and you may want to extend or shorten your stay somewhere. When on the road simply drop into an STA Travel branch or call a dedicated STA Travel help desk to make a changes to your round the world ticket.

Fees do apply for changes and charges vary depending on the country you’re making the changes in and the airline involved, so please read your fare rules and the STA Travel general conditions for the exact terms and conditions of your ticket. 
Round the world milage Rules pertaining to mileage are probably the most restrictive rules that apply to a round the world airfare. A lot of the time we calculate prices on different mileage levels, with the price increasing as your mileage level goes up (the further you fly, the higher your mileage!) The number of stops can also be restricted, so keep all of this in mind when planning your trip.

The amount of time you can spend at each destination is not usually an issue as most round the world fares have a 12-month validity on the entire journey.
Round the world support This is crucial while you’re away. STA Travel has hundreds of branches in 60 countries around the world so we are able to make changes or advise on the closest airline to contact while you're travelling. The number of airlines now participating in round the world alliance fares makes access to support easier than ever before.
Round the world airline alliances There are three biggies to choose between in the travel industry – One World, Star Alliance and Sky Team. Most of the major airlines have ‘membership’ to one of these alliances. This is great news for travellers keen to purchase a round the world ticket, as it means that wherever you want to go, it’s likely that one of the airline alliances will have an airline to take you there. And if for some reason they don’t, we have individual airline contracts that enable us to offer cheap fares to get you to where you want to go.

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