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round the world

Round the world

Our favourite itineraries

Explore our favourite Round the World itineraries from just $2199, special sale itineraries from a ridiculous $1699 or see our multi-stop routes exploring Asia, the Americas or the Pacific from just $1599. If you're looking to tick a few countries off on your way to your London, then check out our Epic One Way routes from $1299 – a perfect way to kick off your working holiday!

You can book the exact route or use it as inspiration for your tailor made Round the World adventure. Whether you want to go off the beaten track or stick to the backpacker trail, our team of Travel Experts can help you to build a customised flight route that meets your needs without breaking the bank.


Live it up large while keeping costs low with this affordable itinerary! Begin in eclectic San Francisco for sumptuous seafood and hipster hide outs, then head to London for a glimpse of Wills and Kate before making your way to Munich. Gorge on German beer and wieners before reaching chaotic Bangkok for Buddhist temples and cocktail buckets. Head home with enough spare change for a beer at the airport!
Book Now From $2199

Beach Please!

Round the World in your jandals! You'll tick off Sydney, Dubai, Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles and Tahiti.
book now from $2399

The Wolf Pack

Round the World with your top lads. You'll tick off Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.
book now from $2799

The Instagrammer's Dream

Round the World with #nofilter. You'll tick off Melbourne, Singapore, Colombo, the Maldives, Dubai, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Tahiti.
book now from $2999

The Buffet

Round the World in seven courses. You'll tick off Bali, London, Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Orlando, Los Angeles and Fiji.
book now from $2899

The Mind Blower

Round the World with a culture hit. You'll tick off Dubai, Cape Town, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Rome, Istanbul, Miami and Los Angeles.
book now From $3799

The Bender

Round the World in 80 shots. You'll tick off Lima, Havana, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Dublin, Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore.
book now From $3999

Wok Around Asia

Oriental Adventure! You'll tick off Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur.
book now From $1599

Wok Around Asia

Get in my Belly! You'll tick off Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila and Hong Kong.
book now From $1599

Circle the Pacific

You'll tick off Nadi, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Manila and Bali.
book now From $2399

Circle the Americas

You'll tick off Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
book now From $2799

Epic One Ways: The Melting Pot

You'll tick off Tahiti, Los Angeles, New York, Reykjavik and end in London.
book now From $1299

Epic One Ways: Bintang Baby

You'll tick off Bali, Manila and then end in London.
book now From $1299


Round the World tickets allow you to create the adventure of a lifetime and tick off all the places you want to see in one round trip. Simply create your own itinerary and we will put it together for you. Whether you want to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Canada or South America, our Round the World experts will help you get in all the destinations you want to visit with our exclusive airfares, so you can see the world without blowing your budget.