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Round the world itineraries

You'll get the most bang for your buck with our brand new Cheapskate Round the World itinerary! Begin with a visit to the City of Angels for massive malls, ridiculous rollercoasters and celeb stalking. Head to Europe next for some German brews in Munich and incredible mountain and lake views in Zurich. Finally hit Hong Kong on your way home for giant skyscrapers and delish Eastern cuisine.



Get your culture hit with this four city itinerary. Hang with hipsters in San Fran, get loved up in Paris, see the beautiful architecture in Vienna and get amongst Asia's Sin City on the way home. 


Want to tick off urban jungles all over the world? Shop at Granville Island's markets in Vancouver, join the hoards of Kiwis in London, relax in Amsterdam and then check out beautiful Singapore on the way home. 


See the world without breaking the piggybank, this wallet-friendly round the world ticket will have you cashing in your coins and packing your bags. You'll get to beach bum in LA, indulge in baguettes in Paris, chug down a Guinness in Dublin and do some world-class shopping in Dubai.


Hit nine cities in four continents; bronze up in Fiji, check out the Big Apple, see the Northern lights in Iceland, explore temples in China and get lost in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. 


Take your taste buds on the ride of their lives! Tuck into all things delish, learn how to cook authentic cusine and eat 'til you can't get enough. Come home with a few extra kilos – and we don’t mean your luggage!


Pack your budgie smugglers and get ready to chase the sun, ‘cause we’ve got you bummin’ your way around some of the dreamiest beaches on the globe.


Unleash your inner wild child as mountains, beaches and jungles await you on this untamed adventure; explore with your hiking boots through nine different destinations.


There’s no sleep for the wicked – let’s party. Trip around the world with us and you’ll have no time for hangovers! You’ll be bar hopping in Hollywood, celeb spotting in New York, hitting beachfront bars in Bali and more!


We’ve got the biggest of wanderlusters satisfied with this bad boy: hit five continents and 12 destinations. Natural landscapes, bustling cities, outdoor adventures and sun-drenched beaches – it’s all here. 


We’ve got you making your way round Asia like a pro. Hit top-of-the-list cities, beach bum in pristine beaches, bag bargains at markets and let your chopsticks loose!


Turn your childhood dreams into reality as you Circle the Americas or hit the beaches of paradise as you Circle the Pacific.


Not too keen to put an end date to your travels ‘cause you’re head over heels in wanderlust? We TOTALLY understand! Chase your dreams over to London with a few epic stops on the way.


Didn't find an intinerary that suits you? Make your own itinerary and we'll set up with the best price available.