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Whether you're keen for Europe tours, African safari or an Amazonian trek, you want to get away for a few days or a few weeks, got a little cash or a lot, excited by adventure tours, cultural escapades or something in between...we’ve got all that plus more worldwide tour options, right here!  Use the search form below to find a tour based on country, price, duration and/or the type of tour, then hit Search and you're away!


Tours & treks

You're guaranteed to love Asia - the sights and smells, the ancient cultural traditions and best of all your dollar taking you further. We've got Asia tours in every country, take your pick! Search tours

Latin America

Tours & treks

Love adventure? Love culture? Love food? Love meeting new faces? Love Latin America! There's no better way to mingle with the locals in their backyard than on tour. Search tours

Africa & Middle East

Tours & treks

Whether you get acquainted with the 'big 5' on a Kruger safari, scale Mt Kilimanjaro, float along the Nile or head for the pyramids in Egypt, we've got extraordinary tours for this extraordinary continent. Search tours


Tours & treks

Export yourself to exciting Europe and get amongst the vast history, architecture, exotic languages, cultures, great festivals and fun times - see it all on a European tour. Search tours

USA & Canada

Tours & treks

Trek the Grand Canyon, live it up in Las Vegas or explore the Rockies - whatever your North American dream, we have a Canada or US tour to satisfy you. 
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Tours & treks

Skip across the ditch and jump on an Australia tour, immerse yourself in sun, sand, surf and water sports on a Fiji tour or discover the sights that make our very own Aotearoa famous.
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If you want more details on the different tour companies offered by us or want to know what operators are in different continents, check out our detailed tour company info and special deals on offer!

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