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Explore Europe

Adventures into old and new

Europe is a whole world in itself. It's a mixture of old and new, where edgy underground music mingles with historical, cobblestoned sidewalks. Visit Europe for its metropolitan shopping, for its beach-side bungalows on the Mediterranean, for the night clubs and the coffee shops, the canals and the bike paths. It's all within arm's reach, wherever you land in Europe. 

Europe in a nutshell

If you’ve ever wanted to break a record for the most amount of countries ever visited in a day, Europe is the place to do it. With 50 countries all crammed into one continent, it’s easy to travel Europe by car, train, plane or even boat. While we don’t recommend speeding your way through in 24 hours, we do recommend seeing as much as possible! From Western Europe through Central, down to the Mediterranean, up to Scandinavia and over to Eastern Europe, each country is wildly different to the one before, each with its own personality, culture, history and nightlife!

Travelling to Europe

Travel to and within Europe is easier than it’s ever been, and travel deals to Europe seem to be cropping up left, right and centre. Flights can take you straight to England as a jumping off point, from which STA Travel can take you anywhere your wanderlust pulls you. Whether you’d prefer to hit the Mediterranean beaches, take the fashion capitals by storm, or road trip your way across the whole continent, STA has you covered with tours, flights and packages to suit you and your crew.



Western Europe

Welcome to your gateway to the rest of Europe. Gather momentum in England’s hotspots before taking off to breathe in the fresh air of the Scottish countryside, grab a pint in Ireland and frolick in the Netherlands’ tulip fields!
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Central Europe

Central Europe is the heart of the continent. Hit the slopes in Austria and Switzerland to make the most of their world-class snow, or wander through the heart and history of Germany, Poland and Hungary.
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Eastern Europe

If you’re looking for a bit of something new, Eastern Europe is where you’ll find it. Step out of your comfort zone touring ancient castles in Romania, dive into the culture and mystery of Russia, and wander through the streets of Kazkhstan’s bustling metropolis.
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Scandinavia is shrouded in natural beauty, with mind-blowing backdrops around every corner. Tick the Northern Lights off your bucket list, soak up some Viking history, and be enchanted with this untouched corner of the world.
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The Mediterranean

Ready to hit the beach? Kick back and watch the world go by from the Spanish beaches, float through the Tuscan countryside, or live out any millennial's dream exploring Greece and Croatia’s vibrant coasts.
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Trip Inspiration

With so many countries and so little time, how can you make sure you hit all the highlights and not miss a thing? With packages for a small group or for the whole squad, for two days or two months, STA has the best options for you to pack in all the best bits!
Choose your own adventure
With options ranging from rugged camping to luxury upgrades, local living or high energy discoverer, STA Travel’s range of tour options will have something to suit every traveller. Let us show you around Europe’s biggest and best!
Festivals and events
Europe is party central; not a month goes by without a festival to be found somewhere in Europe, so if you’re heading over that way, why not check out our calendar and plan where you want to get rowdy like a local!
Rent a car, hop on a bus or grab a rail-pass, because all of your best stories will include your Europe Road-Trip. With so much to see across fifty neighbouring countries, there’s plenty of flexible overland options to suit your itinerary including Eurail, Busabout and more!
UK Working Holidays
Hit the ground running on your OE adventure with STA! We can help with flights, visas, bank accounts and job listings, so you can jump on the plane to start your trip knowing you've been taken care of. Check out your options including packages and and arrival packs!

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