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Round the World!

New itineraries on sale

Whether you're looking for a whirlwind trip that hits all the hotspots, or a year abroad taking it slow and soaking up the local life, STA's new Round the World itineraries have got you covered. From shoestring budgets through the most off-the-beaten-path destinations to blockbuster itineraries through elven cities across five continents, we've got the goods to get you going with our biggest adventures yet!

We've added a few new up-and-coming destinations, and chucked in a few of our old faves too! You can't miss a bit of shopping in New York or London, but take the chance to soak up Reykjavik, Iceland, road trip up America's Pacific Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, and pack a few good pairs of shoes for dancing up a storm in Havana and hiking Peru's Inca Trail or Everest's Base Camp in Kathmandu. 

​Choose from our sample itineraries or create a trip that's uniquely yours by writing your bucket list, pin-pointing your must-do destinations, and letting us inspire you. Give us a call to take advantage of our Round the World sales and start the adventure!