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Destination inspiration

Shrouded in natural beauty, Scandinavia's dramatic backdrops are sure to leave you star-struck. Nestled into imposing mountain-sides sit cosy villages, adjacent to chic city centres. Stick around for an endless polar summer, or seek out music festivals and modern art scenes. Hit the trails or the slopes, with national parks blanketing the region in every direction. Seek out new experiences like snow hotels or husky dog sledding, and take in a breath of the freshest air in the world.

A breath of fresh air

Scandinavia takes pride in its clean, green image. Untouched mountain ranges beckon to hikers looking for a new view, and the fjords and fairytale castles are sure to inspire any dreamer. Each country has its own personality, and each city is distinctly unique, so whether you're looking for a city break or a rugged adventure, Scandinavia is the place to go for a fresh getaway.

Best places to visit

From stylish metropolitan centres to old-worldly cottages in the countryside, strolls along the riverside to hikes through icy fjords, Scandinavia has you covered. The city centres are bustling with art, architecture and fashion, and restaurants serve locally brewed beer and fresh seafood around every corner. Further out, Lapland has abundant opportunities for intrepid exploration; ice fishing, wood-fired saunas and endless hiking are what this corner of the world is all about.


Grab a sweater and start your trip in Reykjavik, the northernmost capital in the world! Make your way out of the city to hike over the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, soak for a day in the Blue Lagoon, and complete your trip with an awe-filled evening watching Aurora Borealis dance its way across the night sky.


Discover Iceland


Wander through Oslo’s quaint streets and green squares as you explore one of Scandinavia’s hidden gems. Watch out for road trolls as you leave the city behind, taking on winding roads under dramatic cliffs and the steepest roads in Europe’s through picturesque Alpine towns.



Uncover Norway


Touch down in pastel-coloured Copenhagen and pretend you’re in a fairytale as you explore a city that inspired a number of our favourites! Make your way along coastlines steeped in Viking history and while you’re at it, take a bike tour through this country’s cobbled streets and city canals.


Explore Denmark

Getting around

Flights to Scandinavia can easily be arranged by our travel team, but luckily this corner of the globe is only a hop, skip and a jump away from some of Europe's major hubs. Plan a guided tour through the back-country of Lapland, spend your time wandering the chic city streets, or why not make your visit part of an epic, cross-Europe tour? Let us know what you're after, and we'll do the rest!
Group tours
If you wanna do it all but you don't know where to start, give us a call! We can set you up with a knowledgable, local tour leader who can show you everything that's worth seeing and everywhere worth going. Go with a group or make friends along the way - from small group tours to tours specifically for under 35s, we have something for you!
accommodation Europe Iceland
Scandinavia has some of the coolest places to stay that you could imagine! There's camping options available if you're sepnding time in the outdoors, but the cities offer everything from social youth hostels to stylish, modern hotels. Fancy something a bit different? Why not spend a night in an ice hotel! Check out what we've got or get in touch!