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Abroad Latino

Latin America

Work, Study and Travel in Latin America! Choose from a variety of programs in Argentina, Chile or Colombia. Get more out of your South American adventure by immersing in the local culture and booking with STA and Abroad Latino. Get in contact with one of our Travel Experts today!

Live the Culture

Immerse yourself in the Latin American culture and experience the Spanish spoken in its context while establishing meaningful and long-term friendships with people from vastly different backgrounds.

The programme offers a combination of different activities such as: Tango or Salsa lessons, Coffee tours, Winery tours, Cacao tours, Skiing, Rafting, trekking and much more!

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Teacher Training

Perfect your language teaching, and practical classroom knowledge and improve the methodological aspects as well as prepare authentic classroom materials for future use. This course is for Spanish teachers (native or non-native speaking) who teach Spanish as a second or foreign language and who have a minimum Spanish level of C1 (Advanced)
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Improve your interpersonal and intercultural communication skills by being an intern in a company in Latin America.

Gain knowledge of local customs and business etiquette, improve your networking and become globally minded.

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Get invaluable insight into how life is for people in Latin America and build cross-cultural awareness. Develop skills that will either be directly useful in your chosen career or assist in your social and personal interactions well into the future.
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