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Britbound Working Holiday

Hit the ground running with BritBound!
Need help arranging a visa, opening a UK bank account, organising a National Insurance Number or helping you to get a job, BritBound will help make the process easy for you. Never be short of something to do! All packages offer access to their jam-packed 365-day event calendar, so you can become part of an incredible community of like-minded travellers just like you! Interested in more than one package? No problem! BritBound can tailor bookings to include multiple packages.

The Basix - Now from $158

With our BritBound 'The Basix' programmes, you'll get insider tips, advice and practical assistance on fast tracking what you need for a successful start to your UK experience. Once you arrive, you'll get to meet the BritBound team, meet up with other new arrivals and find out how to get a UK bank account and National Insurance (tax) number.
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What does it include:

- Choice of UK bank account & SIM card
- 2 fee-free money transfers
- National Insurance Number
- Arrival info party
- Employment advice
- 5 day gym trial
- Entry to the ‘Church’ bar/club & Ministry of Sound
- Two pub crawls
- Membership to our social events club
- CV Workshop
- Pre-departure call from the Work Britain team
- Accommodation Advice
- Access to the London Base with WiFi, laptops & printing
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Job promise - Now from $531

Getting that all-important first job in London can often take weeks but the Job Promise ensures you will be working within 14 days of your arrival & training. BritBound also promise that you will earn the cost of your Job Promise back within your first 30 days, otherwise they’ll refund any difference*. Candidates must plan to live and work in London or the Greater London area.
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The Job Promise is available for the following sectors:

The Job Promise is available for the following sectors:

• Bar and Hospitality
• Construction and Trades
• Qualified Teacher
• Teachers Assistance and Childcare

Specific inclusions will vary depending on the type of Job Promise package booked. All packages have the same inclusions as the Hit the ground running – Work Britain Arrival Pack.

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Full Monty - Now from $1,115

If you are looking for the ‘one package does it all’ option then this is definitely it! Appropriately named, BritBound’s Full Monty is a perfect solution if you just want to get it all sorted out in the minimum amount of time, and with the minimum amount of effort!
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- Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa (option to upgrade to Premium Visa Service or Ancestral Visa) 

- Job Promise - Bar & Hospitality, Construction & Trades, Qualified Teacher, Teaching Assistant and/or Childcare (option to upgrade to Summer Camp UK)
- 3 nights hostel accommodation
- Work Britain Arrival Pack
- UK bank account opening
- National Insurance Number
- CV writing workshop - UK specific.
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Am I eligible?

You must:

• Hold a New Zealand passport
• Be aged between 18-30 inclusive (you must apply before your 31st birthday) for Youth Mobility Scheme or 18+ for Ancestry visa.
• Have £1800 proof of funds when completing your visa application
• Be able to attend a biometrics test in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

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