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Berlin Germany

Central Europe

Destination inspiration

Central Europe is a world of contrast, where old and new intertwine through the streets, and cobblestone alleys are lined with eclectic street-art and poignant memorial pieces. Venture further into European culture, architecture and heritage, but don’t forget to hit the slopes or try a shots of traditional schnapps on your way!

Best places to visit

No two countries in Central Europe are the same, and no two cities are anything like one another! Waltz through Vienna with the Alps as your backdrop, throw yourself into Berlin’s nightlife scene, or soak away all your troubles in Budapest’s thermal spa baths. Keep your options wide open, throw your skiis on and jump right in!


Jump on your snowboard and grab a lift pass, because the Austrian Alps are your gateway to fresh powder you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Stop by Vienna to soak in the city’s musical and architectural legacy, or take on a road-trip where you’ll be confronted with knock-out views at every turn.

Discover Austria


Berlin is Europe’s up and coming hottest destination, an eclectic mix of ancient history and edgy social scenes. Make your way around the city before heading to check out a few of the memorials and museums steeped in history and dotted throughout the country, then take some time to explore the dark, slightly sinister but unmistakably beautiful Black Forest.


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If off-the-beaten path is on your to-do list, Hungary has no shortage of hidden treasures. Soak in one of Budapest’s thermal spa baths, grab a drink in a bar tucked into ruins, or wind your way through untouched villages and coastal towns on the Tihany Peninsula.

Explore Hungary

Getting around

Central Europe is a great place to start your adventure. You're surrounded by the rest of Europe, it's all a stone's throw away by bus or train, and deals on flights are popping up all over the place. Whether you're looking to travel with a big group or embark on a nomad-like solo trip, Europe has no shortage of travel options!
Group adventure tours
If you want to make sure that you’ve experienced the best that Central Europe has to offer, an organised tour is a great place to start. Our expert guides know all the best hot-spots, and aren’t afraid to take you off the beaten track.
Busabout Hop-on Hop-off Passes
Covering 15 countries, Busabout's network offers up some cracking cities for you to visit. From Bern and the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the chic beaches of Croatia, the ancient history of Rome to the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona, your perfect Eurotrip starts here with Busabout's exciting hop-on-hop-off routes!
Set yourself up for lengthy stay in one of Central Europe's comfy hotels or hostels. Use it as a base as you explore the city one street at a time, or jump around to take advantage of your close proximity to the rest of the world.