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No two people are exactly the same, and Contiki are well versed in the different ways people like to experience their travels. Whether you like to take it slow or smash activities out, if you like it short and sweet or want a month or more abroad - Contiki has the trip for you.

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High Energy
If you’re up for something new morning, noon or night jump on one of these trips, where you can experience something new around the clock. Blaze a trail across Europe without burning through all your cash, with iconic sights during the day and late nights spent partying with the best of them.
35 Trips | 6-45 days | From $1510
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Ideal for those of you with massive bucket lists, get as much ticked off as you can with your Contiki crew as you go through all the best highlights. With a mixture of hostels and hotels, see it all and do it all! With trips ranging from a week to a month, you get to decide how much you want to discover. Pack a whole lot of energy for one of these itineraries!
101 trips | 8-55 days | From $1421
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In-Depth Explorer
If whirling through the highlights isn't enough for you, spend more time getting to know the heart of the places you visit with an in-depth explorer trip. Interact with the locals and get lost in exploring the food, language and culture of where you stay. Take your time to soak in each stop on your journey for unforgettable memories.
93 trips | 4-22 days | From $839
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Independent Insider
These itineraries are for the travellers who believe a vacation is all about personal freedom. With a schedule that allows for ample personal time, you can sleep in and lounge in the sun at your leisure - explore as you please for one of a kind experiences. With more of a self-structured trip, the world's your oyster! 
18 trips | 5-20 days | From $965
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If you want the full flavour of Europe without breaking your bank account, throwback to the old school and go on an incredible camping trip. Pitch your tent in up to 22 different countries as you navigate across the continent, like the Contiki forefathers before you. 
3 trips | 21-46 days | From $2896
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Sailing, Cruise & Beach
It's not sunstroke or a dream, it just seems too good to be true! Spend your days snorkelling, soaking in the sun (and local culture, of course) and exploring the Mediterranean - with it's hot, hot days and balmy nights. If you love relaxing and partying in equal measure, get your beach hair ready for one of these itineraries.
19 trips | 3-9 days | From $709
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Winter & Ski
Experience a white Christmas and hit the slopes on boards or skis to celebrate the New Year. Shred with your new Contiki family and enjoy crisp mornings and twinkling nights. Autumn, Winter and Spring all offer up chilly adventures, so strap on your ski boots and gear up for the ride of your life!
40 trips | 3-24 days | From $415
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Short Trips & Festivals
Where were you when the New Year hit? You'll never struggle to think of the answer with one of these itineraries. Make your trip something to remember, with options like the starlit Sziget festival, the lederhosen (and beer!) filled Oktoberfest or really trying the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. Make sure to take it all in, it'll be done in a flash and you'll be planning your next one.
37 trips | 3-7 days | From $405
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We  have been BFF for years! They are the world’s leading youth tour company and we are the world’s leading youth travel agency. We were meant to be.

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Have you got $200? Because that’s all you need lock in your dream Contiki. Then just pay in full 10 weeks prior to departure - no strings attached! You can only get this with us (BFF perks).

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We’re your one stop shop and can help with the flights, accommodation, insurance and everything else you need before you head away on your Contiki

We are not immune to travel envy and we pride ourselves on being travellers too. That’s why we will  never lead you astray and give you top notch advice.


You don't to need to have all the cash up front, layby your trip for just $499. What a time to be alive. 


It's close to both of our hearts, so you can rest assured that your Contiki and anything else you book through us will be kind to the furry scaly and everything in between 

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