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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

Destination inspiration

Nothing can prepare you for what Eastern Europe has to throw at you, and you’ll never quite be the same after a jaunt through Transylvania or a foray into Russian history. Whether you’re looking for colourful cultures, or landscapes shrouded in myths and legends, Eastern Europe beckons and calls you, drawing you in with a promise of adventure off the beaten track.

Mysterious East

Eastern Europe is a land of mystery and intrigue. Venture into the unknown through Romanian countryside and hidden city-scape, or take the leap over to Russia to come face-to-face with St Petersburg’s boisterous nightlife and historical presence. Whether you join a tour group or take on the trail alone, there's no doubt that Eastern Europe should be number one on your to-do list!



Another road less traveled, Romania is one for the wanderers. Venture into the Romanian countryside in search of castles and ruins, and immerse yourself in traditional village life. Stop by Bucharest to discover the hidden beauty of this often bypassed junction between old and new.

Discover Romania


Russia is an unexpected gem, with vibrant, growing cities, imposing architecture and an underground music and art scene burrowing its way to the surface. St. Petersburg is a hub of festivals and culture, while Moscow dominates with its mighty history and commanding character.

Uncover Russia


Perfect for those looking to escape the tourist vibe, Macedonia is bursting at the seams with helpful locals and adventure destinations. Wander the sprawling Old Bazaar quarter in the capital, or find solitude in the secluded mountain hikes and historic lake-side villages of the national parks.

Explore Macedonia

Getting around

If you're aiming to head away from the crowds in Eastern Europe, why not make it part of a larger trip? Deals to England are popping up left, right and centre, so flying into a central point and road-tripping across is a great way to see even more of this rich corner of the world. Otherwise, STA can arrange flights right into Moscow, where the rest of the East is just a stone's throw away. There are countless tours through Russia, whether you're keen on a city break or a cross-country wilderness trip, and group adventures can take you to some of the coolest parts of Eastern Europe that you'd never find on your own.
Group tours
Our expert tour guides take all the uncertainty out of planning a trip into the unknown. Leave yourself free to enjoy the trip, and take as many photos as your storage will hold.
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Where to stay
Eastern Europe will grab you with both hands, and you won't want to let go. If you plan for a week and end up staying a month, make sure to grab a bed to stay in, with options from budget backpacker to luxury city central.