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Work in a British Pub

With our friends from the Original London Pub Co, we can help you get a hospitality job in a British pub, either in, or outside of London. And the best part - you'll be provided with a job before you even arrive in the UK in a safe and secure pub! Your full-time job includes live-in accommodation, a full wage, plenty of time off plus plently of fellow travellers from around the world as work mates. A'right Gov'ner?

What will I be doing?

The work is full-time involving primarily bar work and also helping out in all areas of pub operation. There are also full-time positions available for cooks and chefs.
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What does it include?

◾A full-time job sorted out before you arrive, in a safe and secure pub
◾Live-in accommodation as part of the job
◾Plenty of time off (usually about two days a week)
◾No expensive costs on arrival
◾Fellow travellers from around the world as work mates
◾Full wage of approximately £150-175 per week in the hand
◾All laundry and cooking facilities
◾Even the odd free meal!
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Am I eligible?

You must:
◾Be aged 19 years or over
◾Be prepared to commit to a minimum four month placement
◾Have a passport or visa that allows you to work in the UK.

No bar experience is necessary but some form of customer service is required. Ideally some hospitality experience is useful but not required. Brits love Kiwi workers and the pubs will give you on-the-job training.

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What does it cost?


Terms and Conditions

General T&Cs: Pricing is correct as of 27/02/17 and is subject to change without notice.