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Pachamama by Bus

Pachamama by bus is Chile's only hop-on, hop-off travel network giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace, solving Chile's biggest problem that travellers face - getting from one place to another and not being able to easy get to places off the beaten track.  The transport network is specially designed to meet the needs of independent travellers. You can get off the bus at any of the places along the route, and catch another bus a few days later.

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Why choose Pachamama by Bus?


Exclusive stops: Intercity buses go from town to town using the most direct and boring routes, but on Pachamama you'll get taken to places that only locals know about.  You'll stop at the best spots where you can leave the bus and discover the best of Chile for yourself, away from the "gringo trail".

Accommodation: Somewhere to stay in the overnight stops will be your responsibility. Nevertheless, the bus will stop in several hostels in every place as an extra service. If one particular place of interest doesn't provide adequate accommodation, you'll be provided with basic camping and cooking equipment for free!!

Helpful guides: This is not a tour service but all guides speak English and Spanish. They will provide you with as much, or as little, help as you require.

Full flexibility: Your travel pass allows you to start and finish your trip wherever you want, with no time limit to complete the chosen route.

Spacious buses: Buses seat up to 17 people, with enough room for your backpack or suitcase as well.

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Atacama Desert Route

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See the best that the Atacama Desert has to offer.   Choose between 1 - 10 travel days.  In the full 10 days you'll stop at deserted beaches, national parks, cross the Atacama Salt Flat and the driest desert in the world. You'll stop heaps to take photos and get to know locals all the while learning about the scarce but amazing flora and fauna that manage to survive in the hardest possible conditions.  Visit 3 National Parks: a Rain Forest in the middle of the desert that survives thanks to the costal fog, a salty lagoon which is home to pink flamingos, and a sea life paradise.  As well as taste some of the locally produced Pisco now we're talking.

1 day - $127
2 days - $199
3 days - $254
4 days - $292
5 days - $326
6 days - $360
7 days - $391
8 days - $425
9 days - $459
10 days - $493

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Lakes District route

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 You can explore abundant national parks, surf on pristine beaches, visit luxurious vineyards, climb an active volcano, bathe in thermal pools and trek through forests with rushing rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Experience local culture independently by getting off and on the bus wherever you want. It’s a great opportunity for those who love the outdoors and also for those who want to relax and enjoy an unforgettable trip.  To do the whole route you will need 7 days, but if you are short of time you can buy less travelling days.  Start and finish anywhere along the route.

1 day - $104
2 days - $165
3 days - $207
4 days - $243
5 days - $278
6 days - $313
7 days - $346

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0800 474 400

Conditions: Prices are correct as of  22 February 2012 and are subject to currency fluctuation and change without notice.  Ask your STA Travel adviser for up to the minute pricing.  Prices advertised are for payment by cash, payment by any other method will attract a non-cash administration fee.

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