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Antarctica Expedition


Tours of Antarctica

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime on the MS Expedition? A trip to either the Arctic or Antarctica can be truly life changing. Massive, magnificent and unforgiving, both poles will leave your mind searching for words to describe them. Each day presents a new discovery, whether you’re cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering penguin rookeries, or glimpsing polar bears or humpback whales breaching in the pristine waters...



Visiting Antarctica

Expeditions to Antarctica run during the milder months of November to March - temperatures will however still be freezing. Depending on which month you visit there will be slight differences in scenery and wildlife, but all are sure to be equally as breathtaking. November sees the ice break into incredible icebergs. December and January have longer hours of daylight with lots of penguin, seal and bird activity, whereas February and March are known for the amazing whale presence in the waters. Mother nature does of course take matters into her own hands, and so no matter when you visit, a stunning spectacle of ice, water and wildlife is assured.

Antarctic Expeditions

Antarctica Classic - 11 Days

Set foot on the world's least visited continent - Antarctica! After arriving at your base in Ushuaia, southern Argentina, and discovering some of the natural highlights of the area you'll hop on board the MS Expedition and sail down to Antarctica. Travel with Antarctic experts and take special excursions around jaw dropping icebergs and glaciers and onto the continent's mainland. Spot incredible local wildlife and if you're brave enough opt to take on the chill of the waters with a polar plunge!  
Antarctic Expedition

Antarctica Classic In Depth - 13 Days

Have more time to travel or want to see the continent a little more in depth?  This is the trip for you! After departing Ushuaia and sailing down to Antarctica, you'll spend 6 full days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Opt to attend lectures by Antarctic experts and learn of the extraordinary human and natural history of the Antarctic region. Get up close to the icebergs with small group excursions and see how the local wildlife make this incredible part of the world their home.
polar ice hiking

Quest for the Antarctica Circle - 14 Days

Watch penguins shuffles across the frozen land; a pod of whales glides through the water; dramatic landscapes float off in the distance – welcome to Antarctica. Join us on a voyage of discovery to our planet’s last frontier – a mysterious and virtually pristine paradise. Sail the Drake Passage past the South Shetland Islands, then really explore the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other – more like a private expedition than a traditional cruise.

Visiting the Arctic

Tred, sail and even kayak to the northernmost stretches of our world, in the wake of Phoenician sailors who first discovered it. Named after the polar star, then called Arktos, a Greek word for 'land of the big bear', this mind-blowing world of ocean and ice is home to some of the world's most incredible wildlife.

Arctic Expeditions

Realm of the Polar Bear - 8 Days

From close-up encounters with icebergs and glaciers to the region’s exciting wildlife, this is a voyage of non-stop highlights. Always on the lookout for wildlife that live in this polar wilderness, you’ll explore this landscape not only by ship but also on foot and via Zodiac. Roaming polar bears, lounging seals, grazing reindeer, and colonies of birds all co-exist in this harsh land we dare only to explore a few months of the year.
Arctic G Adventures

Arctic Highlights - 16 Days

Sailing from Spitsbergen to Greenland, follow the ice’s edge with an eye peeled to the horizon for wildlife. Navigating south, you'll explore this remote landscape not only by ship but also on foot and via Zodiac. This journey highlights the contrast and change in the Arctic as you move south, finally ending in Iceland, "the Land of Fire and Ice." An Inuit village, unique wildlife, and remote destinations are just some of the highlights on this truly unforgettable voyage through the Arctic.

Norwegian Fjords and Arctic Discovery - 15 Days

Set sail from Bergen – the gateway to Norway's fjords – to the remote shores of Svalbard on this dazzling 15-day odyssey along the fjord coastline of Norway. Explore the glaciers that carved the stunning landscapes, visit subarctic islands by Zodiac in search of wildlife, walk through history at UNESCO-protected historical sites, and much more.

Polar Wildlife


Arguably one of the most beautiful yet formidable animals in the world, polar bears can be spotted in the Arctic. Being marine mammals, they can swim as far as 100km offshore, hunting for seals.
Antartica Expedition


Some lucky expeditions spot King penguins around Antarctica. These cute penguins have been featured in famous movies like "Happy Feet". While from the distance they appear black yet up close it is apparent that they are silver-grey.
Antarctica Expedition


The Elephant seal is found on South Georgia and was once almost hunted to extinction. These odd creatures have been known to weigh more than 10,000 pounds! These seemingly happy and smiling Weddell Seals, live further south in Antarctica than any other mammal in the world.
Antarctica Expedition


Whale sightings are common on any voyage to Antarctica, but the species spotted changes with each departure. Hunting pods of Orcas may be spotted and Minke and Humpback whales are common. Getting close to Blue whales or Fin whales is also possible!

Feel the chill with G Adventures' Polar Kayaking video...

The MS Expedition

Completely refurbished in 2009, the MS Expedition boasts spacious en-suite cabins with ocean views, a 360° Observation Deck, a fleet of 14 zodiac boats with four stroke engines, a pub, gym, medical facilities, and internet access where available. The expedition team (1 per 10 guests) is comprised of historians, marine biologists and naturalists who offer fascinating insights into Arctic life.
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