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Qatar Airways connects to more than 150 destinations on the map, Auckland to Rome, Paris or London, you name it. Now also travelling one of the longest flights in the world to Doha, you'll have no idea as you'll already feel on holiday with this 5 star airline, all without breaking the bank. Carry on to destinations through Europe, Africa and Asia.


Students you can even Lay-by your Qatar flight with a deposit from $99, then pay the rest off 10 weeks before you go. Just make sure you have your ISIC card handy!


Inside Qatar Airways plane

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Why choose Qatar and STA Travel?

Lay-by your flight

Layby your flight
Lay-by your Qatar fare from $99 - available to students.

Extra baggage

Extra baggage
Want to shop till you drop on holiday? Lucky you get 30kg of baggage with Qatar.

Exclusive deals

Exclusive deals
Exclusive deals for students, only available at STA Travel.


As many stopovers as you can dream up. Unlimited freedom.


Get the freedom to change your mind with our Multiflex Flight Pass.

24-hour Support

Wherever you are in the world, STA Travel's team is on hand to help.


No matter where you want to go, we've got every continent covered.

Exclusive Deals

Student, youth, or adult - get access to our best fares.

More Options

Search and book multi-city flights online and go further.