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Round the World

Our Favourite Classic Itineraries

Explore our favourite flexible Round the World itineraries or multi-stop routes exploring Asia, the Americas or the Pacific. If you're looking to tick a few countries off on your way to your London, then check out our Epic One Way routes – a perfect way to kick off your working holiday!
Dancing in the Moonlight
Auckland > Los Angeles (make your own way) Las Vegas > London (make your own way) Rome > Tokyo (make your own way) Osaka > Singapore > Bali > Auckland
Livin' La Vida Loca
Auckland > Lima > Montreal > London (make your own way) Copenhagen > Doha > Phuket (make your own way) Bangkok > Kuala Lumpur > Auckland
Ain't no Mountain High Enough
Auckland > Guangzhou > Kathmandu (make your own way) Delhi > London (make your own way) Dublin > Nairobi (make your own way) Dar es Salaam > Dubai > Auckland

Circle the Americas

A map showing the locations which will be visited by the customer who flies on this itinerary
On the Road Again
Auckland > Los Angeles > Mexico City (make your own way) San Jose - Toronto (make your own way) New York > San Francisco > Auckland
Everybody's Gone Surfin'
Auckland > Santiago > Lima > New York > Las Vegas (make your own way) Los Angeles > Auckland

Circle the Pacific

Someone to Lava
Auckland > Fiji > Samoa > Hawaii > Auckland
We Built this City
Auckland >Fiji > Hong Kong > Vancouver > Los Angeles > Auckland

Wok Asia Multi-Stop Itineraries

A map showing all the locations which will be visited by any customer who chooses to fly this itinerary.
Wok This Way
Auckland > Bali > Kuala Lumpur > Yangon (make your own way) Bangkok > Guangzhou > Auckland
A map in orange showing the locations which will be visited when a customer flies on this specific itinerary.
Wok Around the Clock
Auckland > Taipei > Hanoi  (make your own way) Ho Chi Minh City > Manila > Auckland