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Our favourite itineraries

Explore our favourite flexible Round the World itineraries from just $2199, special sale itineraries from a ridiculous $1899 or see our multi-stop routes exploring Asia, the Americas or the Pacific from just $999. If you're looking to tick a few countries off on your way to your London, then check out our Epic One Way routes from $1399 – a perfect way to kick off your working holiday!

Walking on Sunshine

Stretch 'em legs (and vocal chords) and get ready to chase the sun around the globe. Get bronzed in beaming Bali before heading off to the desert wonderland of Dubai. Find yourself sunkissed by the Parisian summer, picnic basket in hand as you try and find the sun in London. Wind it down in LA by soaking up the rays on the infamous West Coast beaches before heading back home. Don't it feel good?
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Leaving on a Jetplane
Auckland > Fiji > Singapore > Athens > Istanbul > Paris > Los Angeles > Tahiti > Auckland
Who Run the World?
Auckland > Sydney > Bangkok (make your own way) Ho Chi Minh City > London (make your own way) Munich > Reykjavik > Seattle (make your own way) Vancouver > Manila > Auckland
I Would Walk 500 Miles
Auckland > Dubai > Casablanca > Lisbon > New York (make your own way) Los Angeles > Fiji > Auckland
Dancing in the Moonlight
Auckland > Los Angeles (make your own way) Las Vegas > London (make your own way) Rome > Tokyo (make your own way) Osaka > Singapore > Bali > Auckland
Livin' La Vida Loca
Auckland > Lima > Montreal > London (make your own way) Copenhagen > Doha > Phuket (make your own way) Bangkok > Kuala Lumpur > Auckland
Ain't no Mountain High Enough
Auckland > Guangzhou > Kathmandu (make your own way) Delhi > London (make your own way) Dublin > Nairobi (make your own way) Dar es Salaam > Dubai > Auckland

Circle the Americas

A map showing the locations which will be visited by the customer who flies on this itinerary
On the Road Again
Auckland > Los Angeles > Mexico City (make your own way) San Jose - Toronto (make your own way) New York > San Francisco > Auckland
Everybody's Gone Surfin'
Auckland > Santiago > Lima > New York > Las Vegas (make your own way) Los Angeles > Auckland

Circle the Pacific

Someone to Lava
Auckland > Fiji > Samoa > Hawaii > Auckland
We Built this City
Auckland >Fiji > Hong Kong > Vancouver > Los Angeles > Auckland

Wok Asia Multi-Stop Itineraries

A map showing all the locations which will be visited by any customer who chooses to fly this itinerary.
Wok This Way
Auckland > Bali > Kuala Lumpur > Yangon (make your own way) Bangkok > Guangzhou > Auckland
A map in orange showing the locations which will be visited when a customer flies on this specific itinerary.
Wok Around the Clock
Auckland > Taipei > Hanoi  (make your own way) Ho Chi Minh City > Manila > Auckland


Round the World tickets allow you to create the adventure of a lifetime and tick off all the places you want to see in one round trip. Simply create your own itinerary and we will put it together for you. Whether you want to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Canada or South America, our Round the World experts will help you get in all the destinations you want to visit with our exclusive airfares, so you can see the world without blowing your budget.