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Multi Stop Flights

Don't Stop Believin'
Auckland > Los Angeles > San Francisco > Auckland 
 Student/Under 31 from $1399
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Empire State of Mind
Auckland > Los Angeles > New York > San Francisco > Auckland
Student / Under 31 from $1699
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Jumbo Jets & Sunsets from $1899

Get the most popular destinations with a side of Europe's hidden gems. Kick start your journey in Bangkok with street food markets and tuk tuks. Next up is Vienna for a culture rush before making your own way to Zurich to immerse yourself in picturesque scenery. Check out USA's most unique city, San Francisco for the freshest seafood on Fisherman's Wharf before hitting up LA to live like a celeb!

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Walking on Sunshine
Auckland > Bali > Dubai > London (make your own way)  Paris > Los Angeles > Auckland
Youth / Under 26 from $2199 | From $2699 for All Ages
Who Run the World?
Auckland > Sydney > Bangkok (make your own way) Ho Chi Minh City > London (make your own way) Munich > Reykjavik > Seattle (make your own way) Vancouver > Manila > Auckland
Youth / Under 31 from $2799 | From $3499 for All Ages

How to Book Your Round The World Trip

Get inspired online

Take a look at our top routes and multi-stop flights online, or gather ideas for creating your own itinerary. We fly to destinations all over the world - so wherever you want to go, we can make it happen.

Contact our Round the World experts

When you're ready to get started, contact our Round the World Experts via email or phone, or book an appointment in store to meet us face to face!

Plan and book your trip

We'll help you find the cheapest possible route to fit your budget. Once you've booked your flights, our Travel Experts can sort out your visas, tours, accommodation, travel insurance and give you some handy travel tips to get you on your way!


Do I have to fly around the world?

No. Contrary to popular belief and the fairly misleading name, you won’t upset the Earth’s equilibrium if your ticket fails to complete a full circuit of the Earth. We get that everyone wants to see the world differently. So, if you want a traditional Round the World ticket, awesome, but if you want to backtrack and bounce off continents like an over-medicated gremlin, that’s cool too.
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I’m not a student, can I still book?

Absolutely not, get back to work! Just kidding, we couldn’t give a monkey’s when you last wrote an essay or dried your socks in the microwave - our Round the World fares are for everyone. While you may come across tickets that are exclusively for students or youth, our Travel Experts are skilled in the art of round the world wizardry and will always find you the best ticket, whoever you are.
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How long can I go for?

While largely dependent on monetary factors (this is a polite way of asking how much cash you have to splash) the answer is generally 12 months. We also have special tickets marked ‘flighty and indecisive’ for those with genuine commitment issues. Your Travel Expert will advise on the best ticket for your plans.
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What if I change my mind?

However well you’ve planned your trip, travel plans change. To cover common eventualities such as running out of money or generally being a bit useless, we’ve made sure our tickets are the most flexible on the market. With our exclusive BlueTickets you can add unlimited stops, change your route and your dates. Ask us about adding a multiflex pass to cover the cost of changes while you’re away.
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