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Example Itinerary



Auckland > Bali > Dubai > Rome > Lisbon > San Francisco / make your own way to / Los Angeles > Auckland

How to plan your Round the World trip


Step 1: Book an appointment

First things first, you need to speak to an expert - they've been there, done that and have all the insider know-how to prove it. They'll help you put your dream trip together, with loads of hints, tips and advice. Once you've got an appointment date, you can start all the fun research!


Step 2: Pick your must-see cities

Decide how many stops you want to have on your trip - the world is your oyster! 


Step 3: Lock in any essential dates

Decide when you want to travel, letting us know if you can be flexible with dates or not.


Step 4: Plan your tours and accommodation

So you have your flights...what next? We can help you plan the rest of your Round the World adventure, from group tours, hostels, bus passes, special travel insurance and more.


Step 5: Pack your bags and get ready!

We're on hand until the day you leave, so let us know if you need help with insurance or any last minute tours or accommodation.

Terms and conditions

*Round the world itinerary information is based on example routes and is subject to change or be withdrawn at any time. For full terms and conditions on each product, please ask your Travel Expert at the time of booking or enquiry.