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Introducing: Harry Clarke

With a passion for music nurtured through training in classical piano and schooling in sound engineering, Harry Clarke has forged a path as one of the most creative and visionary producers in the UK. His first commercial releases at the tender age of sixteen on the record label Arcade Pony earned him attention from icons such as Annie Nightingale and Andi Durrant.


Get to know Harry Clarke

Live Travel Love Music

Ever walked down the street and heard a vague riff that took you back to a road trip with your best mates? Or missed your train because a tune on your iPod had you daydreaming about your last snowboarding adventure?

Same with us. Music and travel are the perfect partners in crime – they awaken your senses, imprint themselves on your being and connect you with others. STA Travel has always shone the spotlight on the best experiences and destinations around the world. We’ve done that because we’ve been there – we know because we go. We are real like that. And now we’re doing the same with music.

We’ve partnered with the SBTV crew because, like us, they know what they’re on about. The music we showcase is real, raw and ready to be explored. Together we are curating the ultimate adventure playlist, a point of discovery. We’ll be travelling the word through music, come along for the ride.