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The Mediterranean

Destination inspiration

Grab The Mediterranean with both hands and get ready to hit some of the most sun-soaked corners of the world. The Mediterranean is the place to be for adventure, exploration and some well-deserved sun bathing, so whether you're looking to set sail in Croatia, watch the world go by with a glass of wine in France, or take over the beaches in Spain, The Mediterranean should definitely make an appearance on your to-do list.

The perfect getaway

The Mediterranean is a sensory explosion, with bright blue seas, cloudless skies, world-class cuisine and classic arcitchture around every corner. Are you drawn to the promise of endless summer days spent lying in the sun? Or are you in search of secluded forest hikes, world-class art galleries, historic neighbourhoods, cheese and wine picnics or an exuberant nightlife? Whatever spells "perfect getaway" to you, The Med has you covered.

Best places to visit

Each country surrounding The Mediterranean is picture perfect in its own way, and our top recommendation would be to go everywhere and do everything! Unleash your history geek in Athens or Venice, sail the seas in style from Croatia, or beach-hop around Spain's top hot spots. STA offers Local Living adventures in Tuscany to give you the best view of what life is really like in this slice of paradise, and info on festivals and parties across the region to get you right into the thick of the action! Whatever you're after, write your bucket list and let's go!  


Greece is the capital of classic history. With ruins, cliff top views and cobbled streets, you’ll feel like you’ve flown back in time. Don’t forget to ferry over to Santorini, and prepare to leave the rest of the world behind as you kick back on the beach or wander through remote cobblestoned fishing villages straight out of a postcard.

Discover Greece


Forget about a whirlwind tour, the only way to experience Italy is like a local! Settle into the Tuscan countryside or above the waves on the Amalfi Coast, but don’t forget to wander up to Rome to explore iconic landmarks and the Vatican City, or float over the Mediterranean waters to the Isle of Capri for some sand and sun.


Uncover Italy


One of Europe’s warmest cities, Spain is the perfect place to spend both summer and winter. Check out the night-life amongst the architectural masterpieces in Barcelona, bar hop your way around Madrid, or laze your days away from a sun-soaked beach in the south.


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Not one to be forgotten about, France also offers no shortage of pristine beaches along their southern coast. Tick the usual landmarks off your list with a visit to the City Of Love, but make your way off the beaten path for some rest and relaxation in Cannes, a glass of red in Bordeaux or a road trip around the countryside.
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Getting around

STA can hook you up with some great flights to and from The Med, and there are countless connecting flights from other main hubs around Europe. Grab a busbaout ticket or a rail pass and add The Mediterranean to your itinerary, and make sure you've got a bed to sleep in, a beach to laze on and a crew to party with.
Group tours
Take all the stress out of planning your trip by letting us do it for you! We’ll suss out your itinerary, accommodation and transport, which leaves you free to jump right into all that our tours have to offer.
Rail Bus Europe
Busabout and Eurail
Perfect for the independent traveler, a Eurail or Busabout pass makes seeing this country a breeze. Travel where you want, when you want. Over-land travel gives you the chance to see the continent your own way.
Iconic Italy
Introduce yourself to the Italian lifestyle, with a fortnight of inspirational cultural highlights for you to devour. Pompeii, Venice, Florence and the Amalfi Coast - turn these names into your reality, with a tour of the ruins, a limoncello tasting at a local lemon farm and the "Walk of the Gods" hike.
Island Sail Greece Croatia
Island Hopping
Enjoy idyllic swim spots and picture-perfect coastal villages aboard STA's buck-list Island Hopping tours. Float off the coast of Greece, Croatia or Montenegro, discover secluded islands and after a long day of soaking in the sun, throw yourself into the local nightlife. Sounds like paradise to us!
festival party europe
Festivals and events
Party it up like a local with STA's recommendations of local hot-spots. Take part in world-famous celebrations like La Tomatina or Oktoberfest, join in some of the lesser known fiestas, or ask your tour guide for their recommendations of the best local night clubs!
While you're planning your trip, make sure to grab a comfy bed to sleep in! Whether you're looking for a party hostel in the middle of the city, a beachside bed right on the sand, or a countryside home in the Tuscan hills, STA can sort you out!