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Round The World #2: Ocean’s Eleven

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Take out that holiday pay and grab a global phrase book – you’re in for a wild ride.

This itinerary is hefty. You’ll be gone a while, but you’ll have a novel of stories when you get back. Be sure to pack all the necessities but leave room for some goodies along the way! This trip will give you a taste of pretty much everything, so come hungry! Get ready to explore a variety of cultures, and have a blast doing it. Let’s check out what you’ve got in store!


You’ll begin your adventure in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, the country’s third largest city. A bustling metropolis, you won’t be short of things to do. Immerse yourself in the history of this South China Sea trade hub, or try some traditional Chinese grub at a high end restaurant…or at one of the many street markets, whichever your wallet tells you is best.

Pro tip: Take a cruise down the Pearl River to get a picture-perfect view of the city, or just to relax and watch the city pass you by.

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Step out of your comfort zone and explore the exotic, beautiful city of Kathmandu. Located in the Himalayan state of Nepal, Kathmandu feels like another world. Take the time to try some of the local delicacies, as well as tour the city in a traditional rickshaw. Immerse yourself in Buddhist culture by visiting the iconic Boudhanath, a large stupa located just outside the city. A place of spiritual importance, it is often used for mediation and reflection, giving you a truly unique experience.

Pro tip: Need a break from the close quarters of the city? Escaped to the Garden of dreams, only a 2 minute detour from central Thamel. Complete with lush greenery, ponds and fountains, you may only be a short walk from the city, but you’ll feel a world away.

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Next on your list of adventures is the city of Delhi. Both modern and traditional, you’ll immediately notice the contrasting nature of this enchanting city. Having a larger population than all of Australia, this city is full on to say the least. But once you’ve mastered the new and improved metro system you’ll be getting around in no time. Up for a medieval excursion? Check out the Red Fort. This massive and imposing fortress will have you feeling like you’ve travelled back in time. Other must-see sites include Humayun’s Tomb, rumoured to have inspired the Taj Mahal, and Ghandi’s tomb.

Pro tip: It would be a sin to miss out on the iconic street food of Delhi. We recommend having a taste of some dilli-ki-chaat, local street food in Old Delhi, and chaat papdi (fried wafers topped with potatoes, chick peas, yogurt and chilli). Hope you can handle your spice!

The Red Fort is a historical fort in the city ofDelhi in India. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years, until 1857. It is located in the center of Delhi and houses a number of museums (Wikipedia)… . @ Red Fort (Lal Kila), Delhi, 30-04-2017 . #DelhiDiaryByRajuGupta #himgeo #Delhi #discoverindia #redfort #islam #windowseatproject #muslim #instagram #photography #natgeo #delhi #streetphotographyindia #_oye #_soi #phodus_competition #wonderlustdelhi #indianphotography #maharashtra_ig #india #indiapictures #everydayindia #indiatravelgram #desi_diaries #_hoi #storiesofindia #delhigram #creativeimagemagazine #_soidelhi #trellingdelhi

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Addis Ababa

As you arrive in Addis Ababa, don’t expect to hear the Lion King theme song playing in your head. Although you’re in Africa, this is a whole new kind of jungle. A colourful and mystical city, this capital city is a gateway to another world. Boasting beautiful weather nearly all year round, you can leave your layers at home (but pack lots of sunscreen). Being Africa’s cultural and commercial hub, there will be plenty for you to do while you’re here. Grab a few mates and head down Bole Road where you’ll find trendy bars, eateries and clubs. Craving a bit more authentic African culture? Check out some of the many museums the city has to offer, from the Ethnological Museum to the ‘Red Terror’ Martyrs Memorial Museum.

Pro tip: Escape the city and get a taste of the African country side. Take a day trip to Menagesha Suba Forest Park, only 55 kilometres out of the city, and immerse yourself in indigenous forests, spot exotic birds and outsmart baboons. Not quite an African safari, but close enough!

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London calling! Recover from the culture shock and relax with a cold brew and some bangers and mash. You’ll need to spend some time playing tourist, visiting the biggies like Big Ben, the Tower of London, and at least one museum (the Tate Modern, National Gallery, etc.). Say ‘ello to the Queen as you stroll by Buckingham Palace on your way to the beautiful Hyde Park. Make sure you check out some markets as well – London is famous for its market scene. Taste some international delicacies at the Borough Market, or try on some vintage threads at the Camden Lock Market. Your motto in this city should be ‘sleep is for the weak’- there’s so much to see and so little time!

Pro tip: After a filling, yummy meal that won’t break the bank? Head over to Brick Lane in East London. You can barter for the best deal on Indian and South Asian food – throw in a glass of wine or too and make it a real bargain.

Bumping into the Bard on the way to Borough Market. [Picture: @maplewoodproperty]

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Take a step back in time and wander the cobblestone streets of Dublin! More like a capital village than city, you’ll feel at home almost instantly. Try a pint of Guinness at a local pub, or take a day trip out to the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. Want to convince mum and dad you’re getting the full cultural experience (and not spending all your money on booze)? Talk a walk through Ireland’s most prestigious university, Trinity College. You’ll be walking in the footsteps of many of the great writers throughout history – Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift…the list goes on.

Pro-tip: Why not tick off pubs and a history lesson in one go? Grab a few mates and join the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl! You’ll get a guided tour through Dublin’s literary past and pub culture. Talk about the best of both worlds.

Cliff hanger

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Next up – a country where the East meets the West. Being a gateway between Asia and Europe, Turkey’s unique history makes it a country like no other. From iconic sites like the Aya Sofia and Süleymaniye’s Mosque, to the bustling Grand Bazaar, you’ll want a good pair of walking shoes for this stop. Be sure to take a ride on the Bosphorus Ferry, where you can easily travel back and forth between Europe and Asia. There’s no other place in the world like Istanbul – be sure to make the most of it!

Pro-tip: As you wander through the winding streets of the city, make sure to try some of the delicious street food. We recommend some simit in the morning – a molasses dipped in sesame-crusted pastry, followed by a balik-ekmek, or fish sandwich, for lunch. Yum!

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Buenos Aires

You’ve got a bit of a journey to get to this next destination, but be warned – you’ll want to sleep as much as you can. Many describe New York as the city that never sleeps…but it’s got nothing on Buenos Aires. You’ll want to make the most of the nightlife here, which means not even leaving for the clubs until 2am. Recover the next day with an iconic Argentinian duo – a smooth cup of coffee and a medialuna, or an Argentinian croissant. Still hungry? Curb your sugar cravings with some dulce de leche, a milky caramel syrup that will literally make you fall in love. Work off those extra calories by strolling around the historic Plaza de Mayo or the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Pro-tip: If the dulce de leche was not enough to make you fall in love, the tango definitely will be. Often described as “making love in the vertical position”, this dance is both iconic to Argentinian culture and super sensual. Grab your special someone or find a nice looking local and head to a class ASAP…you’ll thank us later.

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Rio de Janeiro

Grab your sarong and some togs – this will be your daily wear while staying in Rio. While there’s so much to do in this exciting city, we recommend spending at least one full day just lounging on the beach. Both Ipanema and Copacabana beaches offer stunning sunsets and incredibly warm water, along with some pretty beautiful people watching. Your next days should be spent playing tourist…snaps some pics up at Christ the Redeemer and get the perfect ‘gram up on Sugarloaf Mountain. Keep yourself hydrated on the hot days (aka every day) with some agua de coco, straight from the coconut. After a little evening nap (highly recommended) check out the night markets at Copacabana then hit the town for a night of samba and cachaça. Warning: the cachaça is much stronger than you think…no seriously. Trust me.

Pro tip: At the height of summer, beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana can be super packed (especially if you’re travelling near Carnival). Beat the crowds and go for a morning swim – the citizens of Rio must not be early risers; the beaches are relatively quiet before 9am.

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Lima is modern, ancient and colonial all in one – tell your mum you’ll be getting a great history lesson here (and studying hard, of course). As one of South America’s largest cities, you won’t run out of things to do. Do your homework and visit the ruins at Pachacamac, then head back to the city and enjoy some traditional ceviche.

Pro-tip: Need to update the Insta? Head over to the Plaza Mayor which is at the heart of the city. Along with providing some beautiful backgrounds for the perfect pic, it also serves as a great jumping-off point to exploring the city.

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Los Angeles

You’ll finish this whirlwind of a trip in the famous (or infamous) city of L.A. Make sure you leave a bit of memory on your phone for this one – you might just spot a celeb. Head over to Universal Studios for an unforgettable Hollywood experience, then grab your hiking boots and check out the Hollywood sign at Griffith Park. If you get a rainy day (or not – they’re few and far between) check out the Getty Centre. It’s not your average museum; you won’t be falling asleep in this one. Getting a bit tired of big city life? Experience the more laid back, surf culture of California in Redondo Beach. Grab a marg’ and some nachos and treat yourself to a beach day.

Pro-tip: So much to see, so little time! Rent a couple of bicycles for the day and bike down the beaches of L.A.! You can start anywhere, but we recommend heading off from Hermosa Beach and finishing at Santa Monica Pier. Work off those In N’ Out burgers and see miles of coastline, as well as some very eccentric people along Venice Beach.

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You’ll definitely be able to call yourself  a world traveler after this excursion! Do yourself a favor and pull a few sickies when you get back – you’ll be feeling the jet lag for a while. Check out more round-the-world itineraries here, or click here to start booking your trip!