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Our Top 10: Unmissable Locations for Film Fans

Every film buff has their favourite films and scenes they consider to be iconic – why not plan a trip that lets you step into…

By STA Travel Intern

Round The World #1: Catch Me If You Can!

You’ve made it. You’ve saved, you’ve scrimped, you’ve abandoned all hope of owning a house in Auckland, but you got your hands on something better…

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By STA Travel Intern

Los Angeles: A must-see

Having grown up in Thailand I have always had a thirst for travel. After recently finished University I booked a Round-The-World itinerary with STA Travel and was…

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This one time in LA…

Today’s blog is written by the Gen Y of the office. He is the guy who fell hopelessly in love with the Los Angeles night…

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By Alexx Hayward

11 images that will make you go LA LA!

You either LOVE LA or you hate it. Pretty sure these 11 images will have you loving LA and wanting you to jump on a…

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STA Travel’s Top Destinations

We’ve narrowed down some of STA Travel’s top long-haul destinations and picked out all the best bits of each destination. Plus we’ve got some sweet…