Latin America

To beach or not to beach…

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Written by Tom Barber, Bamba Experience Sales Rep

Here I sit, basking in the afternoon of the Brazilian sun. My toes are dug deep into the golden sand beneath my feet and the ice clinks in my glass as I sip at my frosty cold Caipirinha. As the afternoon moves on, the sun dips below the iconic silhouette of sugar loaf mountain. Beautiful bodies emerge from the surf and retire into the Samba-infused hum of Rio’s legendary night-life. As the sun finally sets the sky is illuminated with pinks and reds. Another perfect day in beach paradise.

For many the beach is the epitome of a holiday, the height of relaxation and a ‘must do’ in any discerning travellers itinerary. South America is endowed with a wealth of world class beaches of such staggering beauty, why would anyone want to be anywhere else? Endless summer sun and beach bliss, surely this is why we travel?

Brazil - Seb Elsen - 2015

It’s early on a crisp alpine morning. For now, Peru’s sacred valley lies in shadow but up ahead the mighty peak of Mount Salkantay is catching the sun, turning its snow-clad slopes an electric shade of orange. As I look back down upon the valley, the soaring peaks and endless sky give a feeling of total insignificance, a mere blip in a sea of towering giants. Low lying clouds cling to grassy hillsides while llamas graze and their young and weary faced women walk past grinning in poncho and bowler hat. A quintessential scene taken straight from the pages of Nat Geo, the mountains are South America in a micro-chasm.DSCN1304

The promise of epic adventure is all the enticement needed to get lost in the longest mountain chain on the planet. The rugged skyline of the High-Andes is a destination in itself, an endless playground of spectacular vistas and secluded tranquility. How could anyone not be lured by the pull of exploring such a stunning wilderness? Surely this is why we travel?


Beach vs Mountain? Summer vs winter? With both having so much to offer and the contrasts between them It’s impossible to pick my favourite. So whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a beach babe or you’re more of a siren of the sierra, one thing is for certain. South America holds what you are looking for in abundance.


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