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Winter in the USA

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There’s only 6 weeks until Santa comes down the chimney… but it’s not too late to plan your epic white Christmas. Because let’s be honest you haven’t really experienced a true movie-style Christmas until you’ve woken up to snow outside, felt that winter chill and seen those Christmas lights twinkle on that white back drop. Head to the USA this festive season and check out what else this stunning season has to offer.



Having that Serendipity moment right about now. #NYC #snow #iceskating #winter #skyline #centralpark #centralparkconservancy

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As cliche it is, it’s simply magical. Especially  Skating underneath that big giant Christmas Tree that has New York absolutely mesmerized. Keep in mind that lines at the famous Rockefeller Center can be long, as there is only room for 150 skates at a time. The rink opens from October 2016 and yep you are reserve your spot on the ice already, crazy.

Alternatively if you are in New York why not skate at Central Park. It’s huge! Located at the southern end of the park, the rink is surrounded by the tall sky scrapers and trees. It seriously has to be one of the best backdrops. Be sure to get down there at night for a real magical moment. The skate is open from late October to early April depending on weather.

Try Eggnog

Eggnog at the worst place to go during the holiday season #butstill #worthytogo #eggnog

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If you are going to experience a true white Christmas, then food and drinks play a vital role. I mean, how could you seriously not say yes to warm milk, cream, whipped eggs, sugar, spices and dash of booze! Unless your lactose in tolerant… like myself. But that still sounds amazingly delicious. Throw some pumpkin pie in there that maybe left over from Thanksgiving too! Don’t knock the pie, until you try it.

Witness the Northern Lights

Don’t go all the way to the USA and miss out on seeing Alaska seriously shine! There’s so much to do in this giant state. From winter carnivals, dog-sledding races, ice-carving comps etc. But why not do something really memorable, head to the “North Pole” where an entire town has been transformed into “Santa Claus heaven”. Seriously, it’s like everything you imagined when you were a child. You can say hey to Rudolf and Santa while you are there. There’s one last adventure you must do while you are in this state, and that is to witness the sky dance, see those Northern Lights! Peak time to see the magic, is in the middle of winter, yep… it’s also the coldest time to visit. Best time to normally see the lights is normally in the wee hours of the morning between 11.30pm and 3.30am. So prepare for a late night and get some coffee into you because you won’t want to sleep through it!

Go Skiing

The US is home to loads of winter resorts, some of the best ski resorts in the world are located on the west coast. Say hello to Aspen Mountains in Colorado, or jump to the east coast and carve it up in the fresh power are the Smoky Mountains. Either way you are going to find a mountain you are going to love, and you’re not too far from Canada either!

Explore America’s first National Park… Winter style

Into the mist: a snowmobile tour makes its way across Swan Lake Flat. Plan your winter trip to Yellowstone at #yellowstonenps #yellowstone #winter #sunrise

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Yep, we are talking about Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. You  are going to need to rent a snowmobile or go on a snowcoach tour, but you will come up close and personal with the wildlife that calls this park home. You’ll see the giant bisons, bears, antelope and even horned sheep; these guys definitely don’t mind the below freezing temperatures. It’s a seriously cool experience and one for those adrenaline junkies.

Dawn in the Upper Geyser Basin: a bank of fog clears to reveal frosted trees, steaming springs, and a sky streaked with pink. #yellowstonenps #sunrise

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We could keep going, but there is really too much to list. You could visit Niagara Falls and possibly see her frozen over, you could get away from the snow and enjoy some serious sunshine in Miami. Winter in the USA has endless possibilities…

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