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Great Britain

Welcome to Blighty! Home to England, Scotland and Wales, Great Britain offers a mix of cultures and beautiful landscapes. Whether it’s visiting haunted castles in Scotland and Wales, the hustle and bustle of London, or the quirky Scottish humour, you’ll never run out of reasons to visit! 
English is the main language in Great Britain but
different dialects are spoken in the different
British countries such as Scots, Gaelic
and Welsh.
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Top Places to visit in England

London is one of the best cities in the world but sometimes you need to take a break from the hustle&bustle and luckily you can find amazing places for a little R'nR waiting for you just beyond London. Hike through stunning national parks, discover the history of England by exploring the castles and cathedrals and wander cobble-stoned alleys in quaint market towns. See our top picks of where to go below.
Man standing on the top of a mountain facing the camera

The Lake District

Glacial lakes, rugged mountains and chocolate-box market towns with cosy pubs - be prepared to fall in love with the Lake District, the mountainous region of North West England. Spend your days hiking through stunning scenery, climbing a Via Ferrata, exploring local markets and sampling the local beers and gin in 'the Lakes'. If you plan to hike the area, make sure to give the famous mint cake a try!
Person standing at the beach with a flag of the Union Jack covering their face


Head to Brighton for brunches, beaches and fish'n chips! It's less than an hour by train away from London. Visit Brighton pier, relax by the seaside and gorge on delicious brunches in the home-owned coffeshops in the Lanes. The Royal Pavillon, inspired by Indian palaces, transports you to a whole new world entirely and many musems and exhibitions feature pieces from new and up-and-coming artists. 
A man and a woman in front of old buildings in Bath

Cathedral Towns & Cities

Be charmed by England's historical towns and marvel at York Minster, see the Magna Carta at Salisbury Catherdral, be stunned by the grand size of Winchester Cathedral and wander the medieval city of Durham. Have a peek into the Viking's culture and life at York or soak up the educated spirit in Oxford. And don't miss out on the famous Roman baths in Bath and grade 1 listed buildings in Bristol. 
Cornwall beach


The Southwest brags with breathtaking coastlines and world-class surfing and picturesque cobblestoned villages. Try the original scones with Cornish clotted cream and jam in a local independent cafe, enjoy stunning coastal walks, stately homes, castles and some of the best ice cream outside of Italy.
Man leaning onto a railing with the Tower Bridge in the background

Best places to visit in Scotland

Scotland is home to some of the most dramatic scenery Great Britain has to offer. Traverse the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, visit ancient monuments and take in the cultural vibes of Edinburgh, on your adventure to the land of kilts and ceilidh. Visit the iconic capital city of Edinburgh in August for the Fringe Festival, the largest comedy festival in the world, head over to Glasgow to gorge on a deep-fried Mars bars and for its fun nightlife, explore the cultural capital Inverness and the rolling hills and dramatic cliffs around Aberdeen.
Landscape view of a lake and rolling green hills

Loch Ness

Monsters, mountains and myths - seek out the real Scotland on a Highland fling to lovely Loch Ness. If you do the marathon drive all the way from Edinburgh, you`ll pass the Stirling Castle, skirt the Trossachs before crossing the wilds of Rannoch Moor and onto dramatic Glencoe, before stopping in the village of Fort Augustus by the shores of mysterious Loch Ness.


Colourful buzzing street


Make sure you plan at least 48 hours in this amazing city. Spend the morning at the Riverside Museum with it's stunning architecture, discover history at People's Palace, indulge yourself in a fascinating mix of industrial heritage and traditions. And, have you heard that Glasgow's people are amonst the friendliest of the planet? Check out the music venues, bars and pubs while you're here. 


Old Scottish castle with a bridge surrounded by water

The Highlands

Scotland is famous for its whisky, haggis, bagpipes, an elusive lake monster and men who wear kilts! Taste, try, buy and search for all of the above and get to know the legendary Scottish hospitality on a trip through the highlands. Enjoy snow-capped mountains, gorgeous lochs and glens and ruins of former times. 


Best Places to Visit in Wales

No visit to Great Britain would be complete without at least a few days spent travelling Wales. Don’t be fooled by its size, England’s smaller neighbour offers a wealth of adventures. Embark on a road trip and discover rich Celtic culture and stunning medieval castles perched atop of craggy cliffs, hike up stunning Mount Snowdon, or experience city life in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. 


Spend a night or two in Cardiff and you’ll find a buzzing bar and pub scene, awesome Victorian shopping arcades, and a Roman castle on a hill overlooking the city below. During summer you’ll be able to sun yourself on the quayside, whereas winter sees rugby season fill out Principality Stadium. 
Cliffs and Rocks in the sea at Pembrokeshire coast


Think of Pembrokeshire’s Coastal National Park as the UK’s very own ‘Great Ocean Road’: scattered with destitute yet gorgeous beaches, dramatic cliff formations, plenty of opportunities for water sports, and friendly villages such as Tenby you can stop the night in: the perfect recipe for an epic road trip. 
Bushes and a sandy beach with blue sky


Quirky, quaint and rather quite peculiar, Portmerion was built by an eccentric, artistic millionaire throughout the 20th Century. Inspired by European villages and cities, it’s scattered with colourful cottages and all manner of bizarre and charming nooks and crannies. Throw in a huge beach and the annual Festival No. 6, one of the UK’s best music festivals, and you’re on to something unmissable!
Rolling green hills in Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

Head southwest after your Pembrokeshire roadie and reach Snowdonia: technically still inside the Pembrokeshire region, this National Park is home to Wales’ highest mountain, Yr Wyddfa… more commonly known as Snowdon. 

Activities & Getting Around in Great Britain

Man with a backpack walking through streets

Work in the UK

Looking to get work experience overseas? There's awesome opportunities ranging from teaching to working in a traditional UK pub! We'll even help you get your visa sorted for that next big adventure.
Woman strolling through a village in the Cotswolds

Tours in Great Britain

Find exciting tours in Great Britain! We offer everything from small mini-adventures, that let you explore part of the country for half a day to five days, to longer adventure tours that take you around the UK.
Girl with a backpack leaving a train at the station

Britrail Passes

Choose your own adventure with a BritRail Pass. Travel across the entire National Rail network of Great Britain including England, Wales and Scotland where you can visit some of the most scenic places Britain has to offer. Travel where you please, connect Britain’s capital cities Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Where will your BritRail Pass take you?
Red double-decker bus in the streets of London

Great Britain Bus Passes

From the bustling streets of London to the farthest reaches of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, travelling by coach is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around Great Britain and national Express can take you almost anywhere. Heading to a festival? No worries, we've got you sorted.
British countryside with a stone wall and road as seen from a driver's perspective.

Campervan Hire

From the picturesque South West coast to the beautiful Midlands and jaw-dropping Scotland Highlands, there is no better way to see Great Britain's dramatic landscapes than on a camper or self-drive trip.

Further info on Great Britain and its countries

When is the best time to visit Great Britain?

Great Britain's weather fluctuates throughout the year though traditionally peak times to visit are during the warmer months from May until September. During the spring and summer months the countryside is glorious and the cities are buzzing with pop up markets and restaurants. Traditional pubs spill out onto the streets as locals and tourists take advantage of the sunshine. This isn’t to say though that the cooler months aren’t as good. During December, cities and towns come alive with magical Christmas markets, burning log fires, twinkling lights and giant Christmas trees. 

How can I work in the UK?

Want to work in Great Britain? No problem, with Britbound you can start your UK adventure stress-free. Take a look at our work starter packages and let our Travel Experts help you find the right visa to get you started.

Do I need a visa for Great Britain?

Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter Great Britain. Currently New Zealand passport holders can enter and stay in the UK for up to six months without a visa while as tourists and won’t need to apply for a visa in advance of arriving. All travelers should check current visa and passport regulations before travelling to the UK, and allow plenty of time to acquire the correct documentation. For information about working visas for the UK, contact our Travel Experts. As Wales, England and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom, they are following the same entry requirements in terms of passports/visitor visas.

How do I get to Scotland?

Fly to Edinburgh via Abu Dhabi or via Doha, or head to Glasgow with just one stop in Dubai. If Scotland is part of your Great Britain adventure, you can easily fly from London or take the train from the main cities in the UK, it's easy and it's comfortable, plus you can see beautiful landscapes roll by on your journey.

When is the best time to visit Scotland?

Scotland is the land of the seasons - you can have all four in one day! If you want to visit picturesque beaches and warmer temperatures, visit between June and  August. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is also on in August, so this is the perfect time to go but the city gets quite busy, so we recommend booking your accommodation in advance. Winter is also a great time to go to Scotland, experience a traditional Hogmanay and browse the Christmas markets in Edinburgh in the snow.

How do I get to Wales?

Wales is the perfect add on to a Great Britain or continental Europe trip, but also makes for a holiday in itself. Flights are available to the capital city, Cardiff, via London and Manchester airports. Both of these airports are accessible in just a couple of hours by rail or road.

When is the best time to go to Wales?

With spring comes Wales' national flower, the daffodil, and St. David's Day on March 1st. Summer brings mild temperatures, making it perfect for hiking the mountains and engaging in watersports on Pembrokeshire's coast. August sees the arrival of Wales' most important cultural festival, the Eisteddfod - an arts competition dating back to medieval times, featuring musicians, singers, dancers and more. Winter's frosty peaks are the perfect inspiration to pull up a perch in a warm traditional pub, log fire and all. Winter can also see prices of accomodation drop considerably!