The Cook Islands

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Discover a vibrant culture surrounded by high mountain peaks from which lush rainforests cascade to palm-fringed shores. Why not explore the main island of Rarotonga? The island is filled with friendly locals and bursting with personality - a perfect location for watching a spectacular Polynesian sunset. Head to this hidden paradise with a pinch of inspiration and fantastic travel deals below.

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Uncover a hidden paradise

With just a 4 hour flight time from New Zealand, these 15 warm and sunny little islands sprinkled in the South Pacific are crammed with eye widening scenery, breathtaking activities and vibrant Polynesian culture.

Snorkel turquoise waters

After hiking and taking a safari through the stunning scenery minutes from your doorstep, explore your hidden sense of sub-aqua adventure and dive into the crystal clear turquoise waters. Snorkel, fish, sail and splash through your days amongst the living corals and kaleidoscope of fish that make up the wonders of underwater life.
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Meet the locals

No picture of these pretty little islands is complete without a mention of the people, the Cook Islands Maori. Indigenous Polynesians, they share their ancestry with New Zealand Maoris and Hawaiians. Their warmth and generosity is infectious, and the laid back lifestyle is a tonic for troubled souls. Be inspired by their music and dance. Embrace life and fall in love with living the Polynesian way
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Unforgettable beaches

The tiny island of Aitutaki is surrounded by a 45km lagoon and undoubtedly boasts the best beaches. It's easy to see why it was featured in the book "Unforgettable places to see before you die" - the crystal clear turquoise waters and sparkling white beaches will take your breath away.
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