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Travel Europe

If you’ve ever wanted to break a record for the most amount of countries ever visited in a day, Europe is the place to do it. With 50 countries all crammed into one continent, it’s easy to travel Europe by car, train, plane or even boat. While we don’t recommend speeding your way through in 24 hours, we do recommend seeing as much as possible! From Western Europe through Central, down to the Mediterranean, up to Scandinavia and over to Eastern Europe, each country is wildly different to the one before, each with its own personality, culture, history and nightlife!

Popular Places to Visit in Western Europe

Western Europe is a world of intrigue, where nothing is quite like what you’ve known back home. Although Kiwi culture is heavily influenced by this crowd, no one quite knows how to throw back a pint or road trip through green pastures like the locals here. If you’re looking for a starting point to take the rest of Europe by storm, Western Europe’s the place. See what all your friends have been raving about! Let winding cobblestones and big-city lights lure you in, and find a few hidden gems along the way. From London’s big smoke to Ireland’s untouched coast and over to lazy river-side bike paths in Amsterdam, let Western Europe inspire your hunger for all that this corner of the world has to offer.
Man with sunglasses with parts of the London skyline

Great Britain

A Kiwi’s home away from home, Great Britain isn’t just a big smoke. Soak up London and see why it’s an expat’s dream, before escaping to explore the untouched beauty in the Lake District, and head off the beaten track for a coastal view in Cornwall.
Back view of a woman sitting on a surfboard by the sea


It wouldn’t be a trip to Ireland without grabbing a pint of Guinness in Dublin, but Ireland has so much more to offer. Stop by the unmissable Cliffs of Moher, kiss the famous Blarney Stone and check out the quaint coastal towns that offer Ireland’s best surfing - who knew?
Woman walking past traditional dutch houses in Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Not just Holland, the Netherlands wants to show you what they have to offer (aside from their world-famous “cafes”.) The Netherlands is home to fields of tulips, more canals than Venice, and a quirky culture unique to this corner of the world. Rent a bike and roll through Amsterdam’s picture perfect backdrops like a local!

Popular Places to Visit in Central Europe

Central Europe is a world of contrast, where old and new intertwine through the streets, and cobblestone alleys are lined with eclectic street-art and poignant memorial pieces. Venture further into European culture, architecture and heritage, but don’t forget to hit the slopes or try a shots of traditional schnapps on your way! And Central Europe is a great place to start your adventure. You're surrounded by the rest of Europe, it's all a stone's throw away by bus or train, and deals on flights are popping up all over the place. Whether you're looking to travel with a big group or embark on a nomad-like solo trip, Europe has no shortage of travel options!
Couple strolling in front of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin


Berlin is Europe’s up and coming hottest destination, an eclectic mix of ancient history and edgy social scenes. Make your way around the city before heading to check out a few of the memorials and museums steeped in history and dotted throughout the country, then take some time to explore the dark, slightly sinister but unmistakably beautiful Black Forest.
Three people in ski attire laughing and walking


Jump on your snowboard and grab a lift pass, because the Austrian Alps are your gateway to fresh powder you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Stop by Vienna to soak in the city’s musical and architectural legacy, or take on a road-trip where you’ll be confronted with knock-out views at every turn.
Budapest skyline at sunset


If off-the-beaten path is on your to-do list, Hungary has no shortage of hidden treasures. Soak in one of Budapest’s thermal spa baths, grab a drink in a bar tucked into ruins, or wind your way through untouched villages and coastal towns on the Tihany Peninsula.
Girl overlooking water in the sunset

Popular places to Visit in Eastern Europe

Nothing can prepare you for what Eastern Europe has to throw at you, and you’ll never quite be the same after a jaunt through Transylvania or a foray into Russian history. Whether you’re looking for colourful cultures, or landscapes shrouded in myths and legends, Eastern Europe beckons and calls you, drawing you in with a promise of adventure off the beaten track. Eastern Europe is a land of mystery and intrigue. Venture into the unknown through Romanian countryside and hidden city-scape, or take the leap over to Russia to come face-to-face with St Petersburg’s boisterous nightlife and historical presence. Whether you join a tour group or take on the trail alone, there's no doubt that Eastern Europe should be number one on your to-do list!
Woman in a red hooded jacket sipping on a cup of coffee


Another road less traveled, Romania is one for the wanderers. Venture into the Romanian countryside in search of castles and ruins, and immerse yourself in traditional village life. Stop by Bucharest to discover the hidden beauty of this often bypassed junction between old and new.
Two girls in front of Basils Cathedral in Moscow


Russia is an unexpected gem, with vibrant, growing cities, imposing architecture and an underground music and art scene burrowing its way to the surface. St. Petersburg is a hub of festivals and culture, while Moscow dominates with its mighty history and commanding character.
Girl with sunglasses posing in front of a busy street


Perfect for those looking to escape the tourist vibe, Macedonia is bursting at the seams with helpful locals and adventure destinations. Wander the sprawling Old Bazaar quarter in the capital, or find solitude in the secluded mountain hikes and historic lake-side villages of the national parks.

Planning on travelling Europe? We've got you covered!

Group of young people in London

Getting Around Europe

Rent a car, hop on a bus or grab a rail-pass, because all of your best stories will include your Europe Road-Trip. With so much to see across fifty neighbouring countries, there’s plenty of flexible overland options to suit your itinerary including Eurail, Busabout and more!
Colourful houses by the sea in Cinque Terre, Italy

Europe tour adventures

With options ranging from rugged camping to luxury upgrades, local living or high energy discoverer, STA Travel’s range of tour options will have something to suit every traveller. Let us show you around Europe’s biggest and best!
The river Thames with London Eye and Houses of Parliament

Working Holidays in the UK

Hit the ground running on your OE adventure with STA! We can help with flights, visas, bank accounts and job listings, so you can jump on the plane to start your trip knowing you've been taken care of. Check out your options including packages and and arrival packs!

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