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Destination Inspiration

We like to think of travelling to the Indian Subcontinent as being a bit like falling into a really good dream - where reality fuses with the bizarre, opportunities are limitless and life's just a little bit more daring. Settle your wanderlust witnessing a Himalayan sunset, exploring ancient temples, meditating on white sandy beaches and dining on exquisite local cuisine. From the exotic scenery of Sri Lanka to the cacophony of Indian cities, the Buddhist shrines of Nepal to the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan - the Indian Subcontinent is where adventures come into their own...

Travel to the Indian Subcontinent

You've probably heard the phrase 'a kaleidoscope of colour' far too many times, but when it comes to the Indian Subcontinent, colourful is exactly what it is. From the bustling bazars of India to Sri Lanka's lazy coastal roads, the jaw-dropping scenery of Nepal to Bhutan's undiscovered culture, this area will make travellers' dreams come true.


From soaring mountain ranges to tropical, coconut strewn beaches, ancient ruins to thundering metropolises, the Indian Subcontinent has it all. Whether you're after a chilled out Ayurvedic inspired getaway, want to take on Everest Basecamp, or wish to lose yourself amidst dramatic temples and mesmerising marketplaces, you're sure to find your perfect trip here!

Sri Lanka

Known for its exotic hills and lush tea fields, elephant sanctuaries and stunning beaches, Sri Lanka is a place for pure escapism. Visit beautiful colonial towns and haggle for bargains in Colombo. Explore jaw dropping ruins and intricate temples. And finally, dine on some of the island's delicious local cuisine. For a trip with that perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, Sri Lanka is a winner!
Sri Lanka Destination Guide


India brings out the intrepid side of all who visit. Form the deafening hustle and bustle and organised chaos of the cities to the remoteness and sky-scraping peaks of the Himalayas; from the tropical backwaters of Kerala to the scorching deserts of Rajasthan, India ensures one sure-fire adventure. Experience its vibrancy and magic along with its confusing cultural quirks and let yourself be awed.
India Destination Guide


Landlocked between India and Tibet, this Himalayan country is where the great outdoors is seen at its finest - from exhilarating Everest and the stunning Annapurna range to traditional villages and hilltop towns. And if you're a city lover you'll be enthralled by Kathmandu in no time - its brilliant temples, tempting markets, delicious foods and all round buzz captivating travellers every time.
Nepal Destination Guide

India Packages and Tours

Get the most of the Indian Subcontinent with one of our India Packages. From a spiritual journey, National Park Jungle, waterfall rush, or spice sensation. At STA Travel we have them sorted for you. Check it out now.
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Getting Around the Indian Subcontinent

When it comes to getting around the region there are some great options available. Ride the Indian rails to some amazing off the beaten track locations or head on an adventure tour with like-minded travellers and experience local living with a knowledgeable group leader. How about doing something different and joining a volunteer project? Or for that extra special something let our Tailor Made team do all he hard work and plan your perfect trip for you.
India Sri Lanka Nepal Travel
Group Adventure Tours
With all your transport and accommodation included, exploring the Indian Subcontinent has never been easier. Team up with fellow travellers, see the region's highlights and get off the beaten track too with our unforgettable adventure tours.
India Sri Lanka Nepal Travel
Volunteer In The Indian Subcontinent
Work with children in Nepal, help local communities in Goa and more with our range of top volunteering opportunities.
India Sri Lanka Nepal Travel
Tailor Made Asia
We adore the intoxicating crazinesss, colour and joyous confusion of the Indian Subcontinent, but we’re also aware that this is one part of the world where a little order and guidance can make all the difference to your experience. Let us create a unique adventure based on your own preferences.

Travel in the Indian Subcontinent - a taster!