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Indonesia & Bali

Travel to Indonesia and Bali, where you'll experience dramatic landscapes, vibrant towns, tranquil temples, beautiful beaches...and the much beloved Bintang beer! So what do you need to organise? Whether it's hotels and accommodation, tours or cheap flights, we've got your next travel adventure covered!
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Official language: Indonesian

There are more than 700 local lingos,such as Javanese and Balinese.
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Name: Indonesian Rupiah
Code: IDR
Symbol: Rp
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Indonesia Western Time (UTC +07:00)
Indonesia Central Time (UTC +08:00)
Indonesia Eastern Time (UTC +09:00)
A blonde woman carrying a surfboard walking down steps to a beach
Explore the Islands beyond Bali
A tree growing from water during a purple sunset

Gili Islands

Famous for its wonderful marine life and party culture, the Gili Islands have it all. You can go snorkeling and scuba diving, or just relax on the palm-fringed white beaches. You'll be spoilt for choice.
a Komodo dragon on a beach

Komodo Island

Uncover the wonderful and untamed landscapes of Komodo Island, the home of the  world's largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon. Komodo Island also offers the adventurous explorers the chance to go diving into the torquoise waters.
Clear waters at a beach of Lombok Island

Lombok Island

Lombok is the ultimate island for relaxing. Known as Bali's "quiet neighbour", Lombok offers a tranquil atmosphere, which makes it such an ideal place to unwind. If you want to go exploring, you can check out the island's lush green rice paddies, cascading waterfalls and active volcanoes. 

Island Dreaming in Indonesia

The phrase ‘tropical paradise’ gets used a lot when you think of destinations filled with castaway beaches, spellbinding landscapes, year round sunshine and exotic wildlife. In our opinion, it’s the Indonesian way of living that truly makes this area special, where spirituality and being part of a community play an important role in everyday life. And with over 900 inhabited islands in the Indonesian archipelago there are endless places to visit, with many varying cultures and incredibly diverse natural wonders. Here are just a few of our adventure tours for the area!

Trending Indonesia Adventure Tours

A man with a manbun looking down towards rock formations and the ocean

Bali, Flores & Komodo

If you’re looking to get in three of the Indonesian islands on a trip that combines proven highlights with off-the-beaten-path gems, then this fantastic trip is for you
16 days
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A woman on a surfboard heading into the water

Beaches & Boat Rides

Surf on gloriously blue ocean waves in Kuta, stop for the perfect shot at Buddhist temples and lotus ponds in Ubud, and relax with a drink at a beachfront bar (or two!) on Gili Trawangan. With a mix of free time, cultural highlights, and savoury must-tastes, this tour is the surest way to soak in all the magic of Bali.
9 days
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A woman in a white dress walking along a beach looking at boats just off shore

Classic Bali

From pristine beaches to temples surrounded by jungle, Bali is a land loaded with cultural and natural highlights. With its excellent food, artists, and culture, there's more to this beloved island than just getting a little extra sun.
8 days
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