Travel insurance FAQs

Need more info about your travel insurance? Check out the info below. We've got answers to the most commonly asked questions, we've split them out into four handy sections so simply click on the section most relevant to the information that you need!

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Before you book

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Who is eligible for travel insurance cover?
Our insurer, Allianz Global Assistance, will provide cover for travellers of all ages, however sometimes restrictions can apply depending on age, duration, destination and also pre existing medical conditions. We have three levels of cover available:
Comprehensive – available to all travellers
Basics - for travellers aged 74 years and under
Cancellation & Luggage - for travellers aged 74 years and under
What counts as a family on a travel insurance policy?
A family on a travel insurance policy means two adults travelling together and their own accompanying dependent children or grandchildren under 21 year of age, who are not in fulltime employment and listed on the Certificate of Insurance.
Are there discounted travel insurance rates for children and infants on single trip cover?
With our travel insurance, your own accompanying dependent children and grandchildren, aged under 21 years, are covered free of charge under your policy.
What Region of Travel do I chose if I visiting more than one?
When selecting a region, you must choose the international region where you’re spending the largest portion of your trip. 
Do I have to be 74 year old or under to purchase the Basics insurance plans?
Yes, this level of cover is only open to travellers aged 74 years or under at the date of purchasing the policy. All ages are able to purchase the Comprehensive policy, which does also give travellers increased limits of cover.
Can I buy insurance if I don’t have a New Zealand passport?
Yes, if you legally reside in New Zealand and will return to a permanent address at the end of your journey.
Can I buy travel insurance if I don’t live in the New Zealand?
Yes, but only purchase the Basics Policy. If you are undertaking a return trip to New Zealand and returning to your home country you can purchase a NZ non-residents Basics policy.
What are the cancellation conditions for travel insurance?
You can cancel your insurance policy within 15 working days of the date your insurance policy was issued. Policies are fully non-refundable if a claim is being made.       
Medical cover
Is pregnancy covered by travel insurance?
Cancellation due to pregnancy is covered if complications due to pregnancy arise after the travel insurance was purchased and your GP confirms the need to cancel the trip due to this. Cover is provided for single, uncomplicated pregnancies, up to and including 23 weeks into the pregnancy. If you have experienced complications with the current or past pregnancies, or the conception was medically assisted, cover is not automatic and must be applied for.
Will your travel insurance plans cover me for a pre-existing medical condition?
Allianz Global Assistance automatically accepts a large number of pre-existing medical conditions and free of charge (Please refer to page 7 of the policy wording). Conditions outside of these require the completion of an assessment form. There is no cost to apply for cover, however additional premium and/or restrictions may apply for accepted cover of pre-existing condition.

A ‘Pre-Existing Medical Condition’ means a medical condition which you were aware of:
1) Prior to the time of the policy being issued that involves:
• Your heart, brain or circulatory system/blood vessels, or
• Your lungs or chronic airways disease, or
• Cancer, or
• Back pain requiring prescribed pain relief medication, or
• Surgery involving joints, the back, spine, brain or abdomen requiring at least an overnight stay in the Hospital, or
• Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 or Type 2); OR       

2) In the 2 years prior to the time of the policy being issued:
• For which you have been in Hospital or emergency department or day surgery, or
• For which you have been prescribed a new medication or had a change to your medication regime, or
• Requiring prescription pain relief medication;
• For the purposes of this clause medical condition includes a dental condition; OR

3) Prior to the time of the policy being issued that is:
a) Pregnancy, or
b) Connected with your current pregnancy or participation in an IVF program; OR

4) For which, prior to the time of the policy being issued
a) you have not yet sought a medical opinion regarding the cause; or
b) you are currently under investigation to define a diagnosis; or
c) you are awaiting specialist opinion

If you are not sure regarding a condition, please refer to page 7 of the policy wording, contact your local store or call us on 0800 474 400.
Is sports equipment covered on your travel insurance policies?
Yes – subject to the following per item:
• Comprehensive policy maximum cover is $750
• Basics policy maximum cover is $500
No cover applies for sporting equipment while it’s in use.
Is my luggage covered by your travel insurance if it is stolen from a locked vehicle?
Luggage and Personal Effects stolen from a motor vehicle will only be covered if:
• The theft occurred during daylight hours between sunrise and sunset, and
• The Luggage and Personal Effects were stored in the boot, and
• There is evidence of forced entry to get to them.

Note there is a maximum limit of $2000 in total for items left unattended in a motor vehicle.
Sports cover
Will I be covered by your travel insurance plans while skiing or snowboarding?
Yes – provided you are skiing/snowboarding on the commercially licensed ski area.
What is the excess on travel insurance claims?
Excess is applicable to each claim that is made within the following sections of the policy: travel services insolvency, overseas medical and dental expenses, additional expenses, amendment or cancellation costs, luggage and travel documents, delayed luggage allowance, resumption of trip and special events.

STA Travel highly recommends taking a policy with a $Nil excess. This will prevent you from losing the first $100 or $250 for each event that you need to claim for.
There is a $100 and $250 excess option available and if chosen, will lower the cost of your insurance premium. However, if you need to make a claim, this is the amount you will have to pay first!
Does your travel insurance cover me for natural disasters?
Yes! Providing your policy was issued prior to the natural disaster becoming known, your insurance policy will cover you.
Can I get travel insurance cover for only part of my trip?
It is not recommended to get travel insurance for only part of your trip, however it is possible to have a policy to cover part of your trip with the following conditions:
• A minimum premium of 3-days on the departure
• No claim will be met for any event that occurs during the uninsured portion of the journey (including cancellation costs).

If you decide to stay away longer than you originally intended when you bought your insurance, you are able to extend the cover (as long as it has not expired) after your trip has started.
What is the maximum length I can take out a travel insurance policy for?
The maximum length on a single trip is 12 months (from the start date of the original policy). You can extend a policy by purchasing a further 12 months policy once departed provided the original policy has not expired before you request the extension and no claims have been made.
Is my travel insurance cover still valid if I need to return to New Zealand partway through my trip?
If you have purchased a single trip policy, your cover will finish at the time that you return to New Zealand and it cannot be re-started if you leave again to re-commence your trip.
Will your travel insurance cover me to work abroad?
If you plan on undertaking work whilst you are on your trip, please check at the time of booking whether the type of work you plan to undertake will be covered under our travel insurance policies.
Does your travel insurance cover me if I start my trip outside New Zealand?
Yes, but only under the Basics policy and you must have the intention to return to New Zealand at the of the policy.
Is repatriation always to New Zealand?
Yes. If you wish to be repatriated somewhere other than New Zealand you can be, but the costs covered by your travel insurance would be limited to the cost of repatriation back to New Zealand.

After you book (but before you travel)

Amendments |  Cancellation | Documentation


How do I change my dates of insurance cover?
You can change the start date or duration of the policy at any time up until the commencement date of the original policy. If the duration of travel is longer than the original an extra premium will apply. If you bought your policy in a store, please contact the store directly (in person or over the phone) – their details will be at the top of your receipt. If you bought your policy online, please call us on 0508 782 547.

I’ve moved house. Do I need to change the address on my insurance policy?
No, you do not need to change the address. But please remember to quote your new address for correspondence if you need to make a claim.
How do I cancel my insurance cover?
If you want to cancel your policy, you can do so up to 15 working days after the date of issue and will receive a full refund. A policy cannot be cancelled if a claim has been made, or is intended to be made.
What insurance documents will I get and how will I receive them?
You will receive a receipt, Certificate of Insurance and copy of the relevant policy wording at the time of purchase. This will be a paper document if you booked in a store or an email document if you booked on the telephone or online.
What do I do if I don’t receive my insurance documents?
If you provided us with a valid email address when you made your travel insurance purchase and have not received an e-copy of your documents within 24 hours of purchase, please contact your local store, or if purchased via online contact us on 0508 782 547. We will check your details and re-email your documents.
How do I know what my insurance covers me for?
For full details of our Comprehensive and Basics policies, please contact your nearest STA Travel store, check out the policy wordings on our website or call us on 0800 474 400.

While you're travelling

Amendments |  General

How do I change the dates of my travel insurance cover once I’ve started travelling?
You may increase the length of your insurance policy once travelling, but you are unable to reduce the length of your policy. If you decide to stay away longer and want to extend your policy you should contact your STA Travel Expert from the store you booked your travel insurance through. If you bought your insurance online email, to extend your travel policy. An extension may not be approved if you are have made, or are intending to make a claim.
What’s the latest date I can extend my travel insurance policy?
You have up until your original policy expiry date to request and extension to your travel insurance policy. We do recommend that you contact us several days before the original expiry date, just in case there are any problems processing your card payment. Once the original policy date has passed, it is not possible to request an extension.

To extend your policy you should contact your adviser from the STA Travel store you booked your travel insurance through. If you bought your insurance online email, to extend your travel policy.                   
Can I upgrade my travel insurance policy to include a destination that is not covered within my current Plan?
Yes, a destination upgrade/addition can be made provided this is issued prior to your arrival in that destination. Contact your STA Travel Expert from the store you booked your travel insurance through to organise this for you and advise of any additional charges. If you bought your insurance online email to upgrade your travel policy.
How do I make a claim on my travel insurance?
You will need to contact our insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance, immediately in writing to make a claim. You can download a claim form or contact Allianz Global Assistance via mail or email on the details below:
Allianz Global Assistance
PO Box 112316
Penrose, Auckland 1642
New Zealand
When making a claim, you must be able to produce your insurance certificate that shows you are insured for the trip and the level of cover you purchased.     
What do I do if I need medical assistance while travelling?
For urgent medical assistance or hospitalisation please refer to the Allianz Global Assistance emergency contact numbers in your policy wording or the emergency card. For non-urgent medical assistance, please refer to your policy wording document for detailed instructions on how to claim.

After you get back

What do I do if I’ve had a problem with my travel insurance cover?
Any issues with your travel insurance that you would like to bring to our attention after you have finished your trip should be made in writing via mail or email to the below addresses:
Allianz Global Assistance
PO Box 112316,
Penrose, Auckland 1642,
New Zealand
Once a complaint has been received, we will be in touch with you either by phone, email or letter to request further information and documentation that we may require in order to resolve your enquiry effectively. With this in mind, and if you have not already done so, it would help us if you forward copies of any receipts and/or documentation which will help us investigate.
What do I do if my travel insurance claim hasn’t been settled yet?
Our insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance, will respond to all correspondence within 10 working days of receipt. They will either pay or decline all claims as soon as they have received all the documentation requested and required to assess the claim.
If you are experiencing any issues with the settlement of your claim, then please contact Allianz Global Assistance via mail or email on the details below:
Allianz Global Assistance
PO Box 112316,
Penrose, Auckland 1642,
New Zealand