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The Land of the Rising Sun, of the secret world of the Geisha, of the mysterious Samurai, and then again of anime, technology and the bullet train. Japan is a fascinating land of contrasts, of day to day paradoxes that manage to baffle even the most well travelled among us. Travel to Japan, a place where the ancient and the futuristic seem to coexist in complete harmony - it will leave you in awe. 
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The official language spoken in Japan is Japanese, however you will also find minority languages such as Ainu.
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Name: Japanese Yen
Code: JPY
Symbol: ¥
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Japan Standard Time (UTC +09:00)


The sun setting over a Mt Fiji in Japan


Japan's capital is one of the largest cities in the world. From the crazy zebra crossing of Shibuya and its glittering neon lights, to shopping in trendy Harajuku and dining on incredible sushi at Tsukiji, Tokyo is a city like no other. Flit from temples to gardens, museums to cat cafes and it's just an easy day trip away is epic Mt. Fuji!
Osaka Castle in Japan


Osaka is a vibrant city but sees few tourists so is a chance to see the real Japan at play. Dotonbori area is great for nightlife, shopping and has some good places to eat too, as does Shinsekai which comes alive late afternoon. Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple are well worth the visit. The nearby city of Kobe is known for its sensational beef steaks so stop en-route!
The Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto


Known as the home of Geisha culture, Kyoto is where the ancient and the modern collide. From incredible Fushimi Inari Shrine and the winding streets of the Gion quarter to a great food scene, Kyoto is a must. Just an hour away is the old city of Nara, home to an amazing collection of temples set amidst hills and parks.
The Great Torii Gate of Itsukushima in Hiroshima Bay


Hiroshima is still associated with the Second World War and the city's Peace Memorial Museum is an important, if sobering experience. Today however the city is a quirky place, home to trendy shops, bars, eateries and a gateway to the photogenic Miyajima Shrine. Make sure to stopover at Himeji and visit its spectacular castle.
A man standing under many red paper lanterns in Nagasaki

Top Japan Adventure Tours

two woman with traditional Japanese dress and umbrellas walk a city street

Ramen & Railways

Connect with Japan old and new on this six-day tour that takes you to the country's most iconic cities. Experience everything from the bustling energy of Tokyo’s city centre to the rolling countryside of Takayama. And don’t forget Kyoto, a city of peaceful gardens and stunning temples. 
6 days
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Osaka Castle Park in Japan

Castles & Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the serenely traditional culture of Kyoto before learning about Hiroshima’s fascinating, and fraught, history. Wrap up your adventure in Osaka, a city over-flowing with delicious cuisine and stellar nightlife. 
6 days
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a pagoda style temple in Kyoto

Back Roads of Japan

Visit the treasured castle of Matsumoto and learn about samurai culture, relax in a traditional hot spring-fed onsen, explore the quaint city of Hagi by bicycle, and settle in at a community homestay to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. 
11 days
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When to Visit Japan

Japan has distinctly marked seasons with a more agreeable climate than other places in Oriental Asia. Although Hokkaido and the north can see freezing temperatures in the winter, the season also provides great ski conditions and hosts the amazing Sapporo Snow Festival. Spring is the most popular time to visit thanks to the beautiful cherry blossom that blooms across the country - accommodation books up way in advance for the blossom weeks (usually the beginning of April). The summer can be prone to rain storms and high humidity is typical - only Hokkaido escapes the brunt of it. Autumn is another popular time to visit, and the changing colours of the season make for great viewing of Japan's famous gardens.