Los Angeles

Universal Studios

With so many attractions at Universal Studios, there's so much to do from drinking Butterbeer, to going behind the scenes to the movie sets!

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$180 pp

Los Angeles


Meet all your favourite childhood characters and experience the magical world of Disney!

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$155 pp

Los Angeles

Knott's Berry Farm

This isn't an ordinary berry farm, Knott's Berry Farm is in fact an amusement park! With 35 rides, there'll never be a dull moment!

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$70 pp

Los Angeles

Medieval Times

Experience the ol' medieval times, where you can indulge in watching knights sword-fighting each other while eating dinner with your family!

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$77 pp

Los Angeles

Hollywood Wax Museum

Snag a few pictures with some of the biggest stars including George Clooney, Lady Gaga, and Will Smith at Hollywood Wax Museum!

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$32 pp