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Middle East


Destination Inspiration

Ancient, mysterious and majestic - this is the Middle East. Where great civilisations and religions were born and raised and home to some of the world's most significant cities. Dramatic landscapes, extraordinary people and an unforgiving climate make the Middle East a place of discovery and adventure. From camel trekking through the deserts and discovering the ancient ruins of Petra, to navigating your way through the streets of Jerusalem or sunning yourself on a beach in glamorous Dubai, the Middle East holds many treasures for the keen explorer.

Stopover in Dubai

Got a stopover in Dubai? 4 hours to 24, give us a call to find out about the hotel, day trip and tour options that will help make the most of your short stay in this enchanting city. From sand dunes to hot air balloons, you've got a lot of options, but boredom isn't one of them.
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Cheap flights

Bank account not agreeing with your travel plans? We guarantee to help you find the cheapest flights to destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Kuwait.
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Adventure Tours

Discover the magic of the Middle East with tours around ancient cities, treks across the desert and unique adventure packages for countries like Israel, Jordan and Iran.
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Check out our great deals on hotels in the Middle East. From Abu Dhabi to Tehran; from glamorous five star resorts to basic comfortable rooms.
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