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Mongolia Travel


Destination Inspiration

This landlocked nation is vast, remote, and pretty much untouched by tourism. If you love the great outdoors, ancient cultures and really getting off the beaten track, Mongolia is the place for you. Spend the night in a traditional Ger tent, hike through dramatic mountain ranges and awe-inspiring deserts, visit tell-tale temples and experience true nomadic living. Get ready to discover somewhere really out of the ordinary...

Travelling to Mongolia

Mongolia is known for overland travel and forms part of famous rail routes such as the Trans Mongolian. Many will therefore enter the country overland. Alternatively, if travelling by air your likely entry point with be the capital Ulaanbaatar with a connecting flight from locations such as Frankfurt, Moscow and Beijing. Most nationalities will require a tourist visa to visit Mongolia, so make sure you check what documentation you need ahead of time.

When to Visit Mongolia

Given its central continental location, temperatures in Mongolia are extreme. From December to February temperatures drop to the low minuses. Spring and autumn are prone to changeable weather and hover between freezing and around 9 degrees Celsius. June to August sees warmer temperatures reaching the mid twenties with the odd storm. The famous Nadaam festivals usually take place in July - an amazing time to visit but be sure to book transport and accommodation in advance.



For all the serenity of the majority of Mongolia, the capital Ulaanbaatar is a huge contrast. This chaotic, booming city couldn't be more different to the peacefulness of the plains. As the economic centre of the country, this city is a strange hive of modernity colliding with the ancient and traditional. Be sure to visit Gandan Khiid and Choijin Lama Temple and the National Museum of Mongolia.
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The Gobi Desert

This is a place to get away from it all. The vast expanses of sand dunes are awe-inspiring and give the feeling of being alone in the world. As the scenery changes you'll encounter incredible canyons and never ending plains - dramatic and other-worldly. Camel riding through the desert gives a sense of travelling back in time, as does staying at a traditional Ger camp, a truly memorable experience.
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Once the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, Kharkhorin is today known for its fascinating Erdene Zuu Khiid, the oldest surviving Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. There are numerous Ger camps in the area, great for experiencing local living. The town is a good base to explore the surrounding area - the beautiful lakes of Naiman Nuur, the foothills of the Khangai Mountains and the Orkhon Valley.
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Khangai Nuruu & Orkhon Valley

Home to stunning scenery, Khangai Nuruu National Park and the Orkhon Valley are the perfect places to be at one with nature. The vast expanses are awe-inspiring and ideal for finding your inner zen. Be sure to visit Tovkhon Khiid monastery located in one of Khangai's forests and perched on a mountain side - an important pilgrimage site for Mongols. The Orkhon Khurkhree Waterfalls are also worth it.
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The vast expanses of Mongolia mean that independent travel is difficult. Most visitors join an overland adventure tour, allowing easier access to the remote locations across the country as well as the expert knowledge of local guides. Check out a few of our favourite tours below and get in touch with our Travel Experts for more. 
Mongolia Travel
Trans-Mongolian Adventure
Without doubt this is one of the greatest railway journeys on the planet. You'll cross countries, continents and time zones on this epic trip. Sip vodka with convivial locals on the trains, jump off and dive into icy lakes, ride horses and snuggle up in traditional Gers. Start in Moscow and travel through Russia, Mongolia and finish in Beijing.
16 Days From $3,729
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Mongolia Travel
Trans-Mongolian Express
Travelling pretty much halfway round the world from Beijing to St. Petersburg, this is three incredible weeks of local culture, tradition and spectacular landscapes. Enjoy a mix of sleeping on the train, hotels, local homestays and even an authentic Mongolian Ger to mix things up!
21 Days From $5,849
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Mongolia Travel
The Vodkatrain
The classic Trans Mongolian journey! Visit all the best places, from Russia's 'Venice of the North' through to electrifying Beijing. You'll live with the nomads in Mongolia and party in quirky Ulaanbaatar. Enjoy a dip in Lake Baikal after a few nights on the train and asorb fascinating history in Moscow or while strolling on the Great Wall.
21 Days From $3,979
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Mongolia Travel
The Ruski Huski
Go for a 'full on' adventure on this traditional winter Trans-Mongolian Experience. Think snow, big furry Moscow hats, temperatures well below zero, oh and probably some vodka too! The Ruski Huski is a special winter itinerary that apart from the usual basics also includes some added value winter activities such as ice games and a Mongolian cookery class.
19 Days From $6,199
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Mongolia Travel
Nomadic Mongolia
This Mongolian adventure taps into the nomadic lifestyle. Travel through ruggedly beautiful gorges and sandstone mountains in search of golden eagles, desert gazelles and Mongolian horses. When you're not moving, you'll experience local customs up close, exploring rural villages and sleeping in traditional Ger tents.
14 Days From $3,259
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Mongolia Travel
Ulaanbaatar to Ulaanbaatar
A trip through Mongolia is guaranteed to be an eventful, unforgettable adventure. Mongolia is one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in the world; enjoy the open wilderness, hike dramatic canyons, soak in hot springs and climb the Khorgol Volcano. Plus, experience a tradition Ger tent.
21 Days From $3,509
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