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North America

Home to sprawling National Parks, long open roads, palm-lined beaches and iconic city skylines, travelling North America is a journey you won't forget. From the glaciers of Canada, right down to the Deep South of the United States, you can find all sorts of adventures in North America, no matter what season you travel.
Man standing on a part of the Freedom Trail in Boston looking down

Places to go in North America

You could spend years travelling North America. But don't be put off; be it a short city break in the States, a ski holiday in Canada or an epic Deep South road trip, North America is accessible for all.
A man taking a photo of a woman in Monument Valley

The United States

Legendary highways, bustling cities, national parks, surf-strewn coastal roads and tumbleweed deserts - with 50 states to choose from, travelling the USA is one supersized adventure. 
Girl taking a picture next to a lake in Canada


Travel to Canada and explore the unspoilt wilderness of its forests, lakes and mountains, with vibrant big cities and a unique North American culture to boot. 
The back of a man posing in a field with a volcano in the distance


If you want to hop from one tropical island to another, come face to face with active volcanoes, dance the hula, dive & snorkel with sea turtles and manta rays and surf some of the world’s biggest waves, you should hop on a flight to the USA’s 50th state. 
Skateboarder in a skate park in Los Angeles

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