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South America

From the awe-inspiring wilderness of Patagonia to the tropics of the Amazon rainforest; the vivid patchwork of Rio's favelas to the cobbled alleys of Cuzco, South America is home to some of the most diverse landscapes, vibrant cities and National Geographic wonders on the planet.Tick off world-famous landmarks like Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer, learn to salsa and tango like the pros, and sample some of the finest wines and Pisco Sourz around!  South America is packed full of adventure. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!

What we love about South America

Machu Picchu icon Machu Picchu
The Lost City of the Incas can be found once you've hiked the ancient Inca Trail - get ready for dramatic scenery, sub-tropical jungle and a glimpse into local life.
Camera icon Uyuni Salt Flats
Head to the Uyuni Salt Flats to see the largest salt flat in the world, which provides impressive photo opportunities - when it's wet, it's reflective & when dry you can take some fab illusion shots!
Christ the Redeemer icon Corcovado Mountain
Home to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, Corcovado is a mountain in Rio that towers high above the city - giving climbers an epic view (and an epic photo)!

South American Countries

South America is all about discovering new worlds. You’ll see the ruins of lost jungle cities, surreal desert landscapes, ice age frontiers and wildlife that looks like it landed straight off another planet. And that’s all before the local rum kicks in! Jumping on a tour takes all the hassle out of travelling, opens your mind to local cultures, gets you trying out a whole bunch of exciting new activities and is a great way to make new friends from all over the world. Phrase books at the ready, it’s going to be one heck of a ride!
A man on a motorcycle stopped in front of a large field and mountains
A woman walking down steps towards a lake with snow capped mountains in the distance


From the pace and rhythm of the Tango capital and the majestic wildlife of the south Atlantic, to the mesmerising vistas of dusty plains and spectacular glaciers of Patagonia - Argentina is a place of dramatic contrasts, stunning landscapes, unforgettable nightlife and, of course, its world famous asado steaks. 
The Christ the Redeamer statue in Rio


Brazil is the country of Carnival, Copacabana and an amazing culture. Venture through the tropical Amazon, swim and surf on endless shores of white sandy beaches and get hypnotized by the energetic vibes of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.
A man dressed in winter wear walks away from el tatio geysir in chile


With its sprawling landscapes, incredible experiences, diverse scenery and renowned Latin charm, Chile is fast becoming a must-see for those heading to South America. From the Atacama Desert in the north to the central fjords, and the southern Patagonian glaciers to the vibrant streets of Santiago, you’d be crazy not to visit the longest country in the world.
A woman looking down a palm trees and a valley in Colombia


Colombia is a glorious mix of contrasting Latin American and Caribbean cultures, stuffed full of diverse jungle, magnificent mountains and sun soaked coastal utopias. Whatever you thought about Colombia prior to arriving, prepare to be constantly surprised.
An orange iguana on a rock on a beach


Canoe deep into the Amazon Jungle to discover the rich wildlife within the rainforest, soak in hot pools nestled in the hills of the Andes, stand on both sides of the equator and meander through Quito's magical Old Town. Let Ecuador's tropical landscapes, vibrant culture, colonial streets and the warm and welcoming locals enchant you. 
A man standing on the salt flats with another far off in the distance creating an optical illusion


With the world's highest capital city, the world's largest salt flat, South America's largest Lake and a very explorable mix of mountains, Amazonian jungle and colourful local markets - you'll soon fall in love with everything about Bolivia. Especially the friendly locals!
street view of the Pelourinho Neighborhood in the center of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil

Do your thing in South America!

We have loads of group, flexible and independent ways to travel around and spend time in South America. So strap on your rucksacks and head on an epic adventure!
a group of peruvians wearing traditional clothing holding hands

South America Tours

From the Amazon to the Andes, the Incas to Iguassu - these top tours will make sure you cover all of the many amazing natural wonders and cultural must-sees of South America. Vibrant cities with ancient cultures and stunning landscapes with rich heritage - everything that's not to be missed on your South American adventure!
A couple relazing on a bed in a Buenos Aires Hotel

South America Hotels & Hostels

We've handpicked the best places to stay because we've done it ourselves and know exactly what you're after! Cheap, funky, fun - a place where you can meet like minded travellers. Experience everything South America has to offer with heaps of free nights on offer. Sweet!
A woman in a yoga pose in front of machu picchu in peru

Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

A hop-on hop-off bus pass is perfect for budget travelers or anyone who wants the freedom and independence to make your own decisions. Plus, you'll meet loads of new, like-minded mates to share experiences with along the way.
A woman surrounded by school children in front of a brazilian flag mural

Volunteer in South America

Whether it's helping children, teaching English or taking on a conservation project, South America is a great location to spend time volunteering!
a blonde woman walking on a street in Buenos Aires

Learn a Language

Start your trip with some language lessons and soon you'll be able to chat in Español like a local! We've got courses throughout South America so you can choose to learn the lingo anywhere from cosmopolitan cities to blissful beachside locations.
two penguins with a ship in the distance

South America to Antarctica

Continue your journey south from Argentina and join a once in a lifetime Antarctic expedition. Travel with experts in the field and see the most remote corner of our planet with its incredible wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery.

When is the best time to visit South America?

The seasons here aren't as simple as winter and summer. The scale of the continent and diverse terrains means there's a wide range of climatic conditions. From tropical rains to arid winds, balmy nights to icy storms, South America sees it all. It is however a year round destination with varying weather giving each place a different vibe at different times.