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Welcome to the Islands of Tahiti

Ia orana! Outrageously beautiful with dramatic rocky coastlines, lush rainforests that envelope the remote islands, and charming locals (yes, it's all real) the Islands of Tahiti provide a real Lost World experience that's not to be missed.

Discover the lost world of the Islands of Tahiti

Did you know that in 1769 Captain Cook bestowed the island with a name that means "beautiful"? Tahiti and its 117 sister islands are far more than just crystal blue oceans and lagoons. They have plenty of exhilarating experiences on offer, and a vibrant culture which stretches back centuries. Every July, island locals celebrate the Heiva Festival with costumed dancers, parades and exotic food, as well as a number of other festivals throughout the year..

Island hopping

With so much of the country being water (99% of French Polynesia is ocean and lagoon!), it's no wonder many get around by boat. Soak up the sun as you set sail to explore the individual islands. The local domestic flight network is also super convenient, making island hopping not only fun, but easy, too!
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Taha'a Island

For the ultimate in relaxation, visit the flower shaped island of Taha'a. The island is filled with the rich aroma of vanilla lingering heavily in the air, which is why it's also known as "The Vanilla Island". It’s the perfect place to discover how locals pass their time; when they’re not working on pearl farms or vanilla plantations, they’re out on the water fishing or even canoe racing.
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The famous overwater bungalow, epitome of style and luxury, was invented 50 years ago in Tahiti. You don’t have to pay 5-star prices for top experiences like this one either – there’s plenty of budget accommodation options available. And if you thought Tahiti was a "fly-and-flop" destination for couples only, think again! It’s a popular hangout for surfers and time-outers from around the world, with great island lifestyle.

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