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Male on long tail boat Thailand

Thailand Fast Facts


Languages Spoken

Around 20 million people in Thailand speak Thai, also known as Siamese. Many locals and everyone who works within the tourism industry will know really good English.



$1 = around 20 Thai Baht (THB).
A better way to work this one out?
100THB is $5.


Time Zones

UTC + 07:00, which means Thailand is 5 hours behind Auckland.

A majestic elephant spraying water from it's trunks at the Thai Elephant Conservation, where many people can volunteer when they travel to Thailand

Thai Elephant Conservation & More Volunteering Projects

Do something good for both you and the world around you and try a volunteer project in Thailand. Our volunteering with elephants projects in Thailand are some of our most popular - bathe, feed and fall in love with these majestic grey giants. Other favourites include teaching children English and helping local communities.
A red Hop-on Hop-off bus in the bustling streets of Bangkok, filled with cars and and fun open motorised tuk-tuks

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Passes

If you would prefer a bit of structure but still a lot of freedom - a hop-on hop-off bus pass is for you. Plus it is a great way to meet mates! Choose from guided yet flexible passes with lots of local experiences such as homestays or independent hop-on hop-off with loads of included experiences. Alternatively, beach bums can choose a flexible island hopping pass valid for up to 5 months!

Thailand Travel Costs


A bottle of local Thai beer from a café or shop can cost as little as 40THB (around $2). A Sangsom and soda bucket can cost between 124THB (about $6) to 300THB (about $14) depending on where you find it, and are so strong they're best shared!


Thai street food can cost as little as 50THB (just over $2) and can be every bit as delicious, if not better, than in some restaurants. For a sit-down meal somewhere midrange, expect to pay between 150THB ($7) to 300TBH ($14).

Taxi Ride

Taxis cost around 5TBH (25 cents) per kilometre, after the initial surcharge. A 10km ride should cost you under 150THB ($7), and from the airport to Khao San Road, expect to pay between 350-530THB ($15-$25). Always ask for the meter to switched on; it's fun to haggle a price before you start the journey, and you'll get a better price.



A 10 hour bus journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on a pretty comfy sleeper coach costs around 500-600THB (or anywhere between $20-$25). A 12-15 hour bus journey from Bangkok to Phuket costs 1000THB (just over $40). Boat trips between islands cost around 500THB ($20).



A basic dorm bed in Bangkok can cost you as little as 125THB (about $6); expect to pay double on the Southern Islands such as Koh Phangan, especially if you're staying there over Full Moon.



For a mid-range room for two people in a hotel or guesthouse, you'll pay upwards of $20. Fancier hotels can cost around $50-80. Book in advance with STA Travel to bag the cheapest rates; we always have awesome Thailand accomodation on offer!

Top Destinations in Thailand




Chiang Mai




Top tour picks

A man about to dive into the pristine waters of Thailand, as they enjoy their cheap experience-filled tour

Thailand on a Shoestring

You’ve been waiting for this all your life: The clash of culture and party. You’ll start in the bustling and energetic city of Bangkok,where you can explore Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. Then you will be taken through Chiang Mai where you can explore the authentic street foods, before you head into the villages tucked deep into the forests where you will experience the traditional lifestyles of the people of the forest. In no time you’ll be on your way to Koh Phangan, where you will be a part of one of the most exciting parties in the world: the New Moon Party. This will truly be a trip of a lifetime!

15 days 
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A wide swing hanging from a tree, on top of the crystal clear waters of Thailand's beaches. In the background to the right is a large island filled with trees

Thai Island Hopper

Theres no better combination than James Bond, exquisite street foods, serene golden beaches, and ancient temples devoted to tigers. With this tour, you'll visit the wondrous limestone cliffs rising from the waters where James Bond once zoomed through many years ago. Take your time exploring Phuket's amazing street foods, go sun bathing on the serene beach of Koh Phi Phi, and indulge yourself in Krabi's Tiger Temple. You won't have to worry about a thing, we have you covered. We want you to enjoy this amazing experience in the Land of Smiles, so if you’re looking for a cheap Thailand getaway, this is for you!
8 days
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A long tailed boat skimming through some of the mid-water islands, and a jet boat in front of the long-tail boat filled with people enjoying their cheap Thailand trip

Thai Intro Tour

A crash course into all that Thailand has to offer. Start off by discovering chaotic Bangkok by Tuk Tuk and by boat, then visit ancient temples, learn to cook Thai food, sleep on floating bungalows in the middle of a rainforest, explore tropical islands, swim under waterfalls, experience elephants in the jungle, have a Thai massage, party on the world famous ‘full moon’ party beach and much more!  With an awesome group leader with you from the moment you step off the plane and an instant group of friends to share your adventure with, you don’t need to worry about a thing. 
18 days 
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 A school of fish swimming through the blue waters of Thailand, this is an experience you can have while diving in Thailand

Learn to dive

Learn to dive and hang out in cool beaches! There's plenty of incredible moments under the sea to be had, and now you can with our diving packages which will allow you to explore the fish-filled waters of Thailand with a certified scuba instructor.
A local Thai man rowing through the high water marketplace, where you can grab a cheap eat in Thailand

Mini adventures in Thailand

From sun drenched sands to peaceful temples and party islands to bustling Bangkok – Thailand has so much to offer. Why not trek through jungles and discover hidden waterfalls and local hill tribes in northern Thailand, travel around tropical paradise islands or find a bargain in Bangkok's floating markets?

Top Places to Visit

Take a step back as Thailand throws everything it's got at you; friendly people, sacred sites from days gone by and the best beaches...oh, the beaches *sigh*. Laze on pure white sands and dunk yourself in sparkling blue seas on the Thai Islands, explore Chiang Mai or bag yourself a bargain at a Bangkok market...
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When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Planning your trip to Thailand can be very tiring, whether it's booking your tickets, accomodation, tours or adventures. One of the things to consider before your journey to Thailand is the weather. Thailand experiences three season: cool, rainy, and dry. The ideal time to go to Thailand is within the cool and dry seasons which is between November and early April. Between April and October, expect a lot of rain around Thailand, as monsoon's move in from the Andaman Sea and the Guld of Thailand.

How to get there

Getting to Thailand is pretty easy, with regular flights to and from most major airports. Return fares, one-ways, student name, we got it! Search below to find the cheapest flights to Bangkok, Phuket and more.
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When to Go

Thailand's hot all year round but it does experience some pretty awesome thunderstorms, particularly in the rainy season which falls between May and October, but don't let this put you off. The downpours are usually short and sharp and the scenery can be pretty spectacular - plus you'll bag yourself some sweet deals on accommodation and flights if you go during off-peak times!
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