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U by Uniworld

River Cruises

Navigate Europe in an entirely new way on a U by Uniworld river cruise. Eliminating the need to haul all of your luggage around the continent, unpack once on your comfortable and chic ship and explore from there. Your ship will dock in bustling city centres and offers great food, bikes for any day trips you may have planned and a selection of local DJ's to get your groove on. Set sail today and go with the flow (literally) - who knows where it could take you.

On Board Exclusives

  • Rooftop Yoga
    The ship's wellness coach leads a complimentary morning yoga session on the rooftop - use the view to help find your zen.
  • Mixology Masterclasses
    Switch it up! As well as indulging in a few drinks on board, learn from one of the ship's master bartenders how to make a cocktail to rival everyone back home.
  • Stay Connected
    Don't worry about not being able to share your trip on social media, U by Uniworld knows that WiFi is an essential, so enjoy complimentary WiFi access while on board.
  • Chef's Table Cooking Classes
    Learn how to prepare a multi-course meal from the onboard Chef, and then indulge in the fruits of your labor.
  • Silent Disco
    The ship's resident DJ will give you a set not to forget - plug your headphones in and get synced up with the playlist. Nobody walking by will be able to hear a thing, but all partygoers will be in tune with each other and the music.
  • Paint & Wine
    Fancy a lazy day while docked? Sip a glass of your favourite wine and use the views as inspiration for a work of art.

U by Uniworld Cruises

Germany's Finest

Starting in Regensburg and ending in Frankfurt, this tour is rich in variety. Explore medieval castles, indulge in beer and gingerbread or try a bit of rock climbing or river kayaking if you're on the more adventurous side. Try your hand at creating your own brew in an onboard mixology class, make friends with a group movie night and make a masterpiece in a watercolour class.
8 days

The Seine Experience

Get a taste of the finer things in life and say "Bonjour!" to the wonders of Paris. Visit landscapes that inspired Monet and Van Gogh and feel like royalty at the Palace of Versailles before sipping cocktails and dancing under the starry night sky.
8 Days 

The Danube Flow

Travelling from Regensburg to Budapest, prepare yourself for a trip filled with food and appreciating the landscape. Highlights include: a four-hour bike ride with stops at monasteries and a Bavarian beer garden, an opera music and Viennese cooking class (yes, at the same time) and a geothermal spa in Budapest.
8 Days

Dashing Through The Danube

Why not take a cruise for Christmas? Explore the medieval city of Regensburg and its Christmas markets befire heading to Passau, where you can head outdoors for an optional Bavarian curling lesson. Next is Vienna, before disembarking in Budapest. 
8 Days

A Merry Little Christmas Cruise

Beginning and ending in Budapest, brave the cold for a winter river cruise! Highlights include ice skating at Vajydahunyad Castle, an onboard Austrian Sweet Desserts cooking class and an optional classical music performance in Vienna at Klosterneuburg Abbey.
5 Days

Rolling In The Rhine

Spend just over a week travelling from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, with stops in Duisburg, Cologne and Koblenz. Highlights include an optional visit to the house of Anne Frank, a beautiful cycle ride in Colone and the Hiking Germania Monument and Forest.
8 Days

Super Cruise - Budapest to Amsterdam

If you fancy a longer trip, U by Uniworld has this super cruise giving you 3 weeks rolling along the river. Start in Budapest and make your way to Amsterdam, with 13 stops in between, including Vienna, Nurember, Frankfurt and Cologne. Bike along the Danube, see a classical concert or hop in a geothermal spa - this trip has something for everyone.
22 Days